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DIY Charm Bracelet

Most of us share a very personal relationship with our jewellery. These are pieces that reflect a lot of your personal style and wearing them on your skin makes you strongly connected to it. We wanted to elevate this personal connection further and therefore, designed this interesting charm bracelet where in you can add number charms and gemstone charms which may reflect a personal connect while you also reap the benefits of the gemstones. The basic idea behind this DIY charm bracelet is for you to pick and choose the elements that work for you. A stylish 22kt gold dipped layered bangle works as the base jewellery for the number or gemstone charms. Tap on the divine relationship of numbers and benefits of the stone by wearing your picks on the bangle. You can get the perfect personalized charm bracelet by following three simple steps:

Choose your bangle size – We are offering three different sizes for you to choose from.

Choose your Number Charm – Ranging from 0 to 9, pick your preferred number combinations.

Choose your Gemstone Charm – Green Amethyst, Amethyst, Smoky Topaz, Citrine and Turquoise are the 5 gemstone charms available for you to choose from.

Here’s an inspiring guide to 5 interesting ways you can wear your charm bracelet and make the most of this accessory!

Lucky Number – Wear your lucky number wherever you go. Add a stone charm for a hint of colour.

lucky number charm bracelet

Birth date – Birthday gifts done right! Customize these bracelets with your BFF’s birth date and give her something she’ll cherish forever.

birth date charm

Destiny Number – Your destiny number is simply all the digits of your birth date (dd/mm/yy) added up! Wear this significant charm on you everyday.

destiny number charm bracelet

New Year – A new year always brings in hope, positivity and freshness. Celebrate all this with this stylish bracelet. Gearing up for 2020 and how!

new year jewellery

Anniversary Date –Or any special date! Mark it not just on your calendars but surprise your bae with a thoughtful gift.

anniversary gifts for her


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