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Zariin is finding new addresses across the world – surely and steadily. What’s one of the most fascinating and significant aspects of our journey across the various oceans and lands is how women across the world relate to our jewellery, lend their character and typical culture to our pieces and make it their own in their unique ways. As we are closing in yet another year, evaluating our journey in our head ( the reflections that tend to happen on cold December evenings when the year is concluding), an email pops up revealing our baubles displayed in all their glory at Hyundai Department Store, Korea. As we go through the email, we celebrate yet another new address with another sip of wine and decide to translate this mini celebration from our head into a blog post. We relive that feeling of displaying our jewellery for the very first time at a store every time we see it on any new store. It makes our heart so full!

zariin in korea
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The aesthetics of Zariin’s 22kt gold dipped jewellery that is designed the rustic nuances of uncut gemstones has been cherished and adored world over. The freshness of the designs and an offbeat to approach of looking at beauty is what makes the jewellery special and communicative kindling certain realms of women and their personal style.

hyundai department store
22kt gold plated jewellery with uncut natural stones.

Hyundai Department Store in Korea is currently retailing two of Zariin’s most iconic collections – Classics Lite and Pearl Kissed. Classics Lite is a lighter and a miniature version of Zariin’s Classics – uncut stone jewellery tuned to the current trends of minimal, delicate yet effective pieces of adornment. Pearl Kissed on the other hand is a collection that celebrates India, it’s handicraft, age old jewellery techniques and an eternal love for pearls translated in the most contemporary forms that has been loved by women the world over. It speaks of Indian an origin but with most international appeal.

hyundai department store korea
22kt gold plated jewellery with uncut natural stones.

We are excited to see how women in Korea will add to the diversity of the Zariin Women community and look forward to taking inspiration from this culture rich country with its stylish tribe of women and incorporate our learnings into our future creations. To 2020 and Zariin in Korea!

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