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January Edit – New Beginnings

Year after year, towards the end of January, one is left pondering how time can just fly. A few days ago we were deeply involved with the holiday and party season along with the anticipation of a new year. And here we are concluding the first month already. This is a very special time of the year for us – we love the hope and the promise of new beginnings that January brings for us every year. Which is why we decided to dedicate the month to a campaign designed around new beginnings. Also note that Zariin completes 10 years in 2020 and to make each month count, we will be dedicating each month to a theme that resonates with the ethos of our label and who we are as a team.

zariin new beginnings

New Beginnings….
While we will be carrying forth our values and everything special that we have weaved into our label through a beautiful journey of learnings and experiences, the 10 year landmark is proving to be a driving force of working harder and creatively than ever before!

Our Founders and sister duo Mamta and Vidhi share bits from their personal wish list for this year. Sharing the top 5 respectively.

mamta and vidhi gupta
Mamta and Vidhi Gupta

Mamta’s Wish List for 2020

  • Complete reading “These Truths” by Jill Lepore
  • Summit a new mountain with my son, climb new altitudes in beautiful biospheres
  • Cheer for a higher representation of Indian athletes and sports people in Tokyo 2020 Olympics this time.
  • Watch live the speed climbing Olympic championship at Tokyo with my son.
  • Celebrate Zariin’s 10th anniversary with the Zariin team and customers, and launch our social project that gives back to the community.

Vidhi’s Wish List for 2020

  • Continue my singing classes and give a try to sing in front of people!
  • Visit 3 new countries.
  • Complete my scuba diver course.
  • Start our training sessions with Ozzie and get him ready to do a short trip with us.
  • Celebrate 10 years of Zariin, and write our plans for the next decade with this beautiful label and our fabulous team.

And because making lists is an intrinsic part of our culture and we wanted to include you in it, this month all our orders went out with this “Wish List 2020” card for every Zariin customer to record their wish lists for the year and mark their new beginnings….

wish list for new beginnings

One of our friends, from the tribe of the Zariin women, Vedika Modi Agarwal has shared a special snap that is reflective of her new beginnings in 2020. We collaborated with Vedika to celebrate her personal style and its amalgamation with Zariin in this striking story themed “Fashion Trends and How to Style Jewellery with Them”.
She’s looking forward to her new beginnings and the one thing she is not looking forward to – sleepless nights!

vedika modi agarwal

Vedika is spotted in the Moonstone Healing Ring.
Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings.
Moonstone calms and encourages, teaching us the natural rhythms of life. It’s the perfect wedding gift! Wear when you want to restructure your life at all levels. Bring good fortune in love and business. Remove negativity. Aids hormonal balance. Enhance fertility. Promotes ease during pregnancy and childbirth. Treat insomnia. Stimulates the Crown Chakra.

Shop the Ring

Here’s hoping all of you have your wish lists all set for the year and you endeavor to strike off each and every element from that list. To new beginnings!

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