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Being a brand with innate focus on admiring the beauty that comes with imperfections, self love is valuable to us. For we truly believe that we can only give our best once we are completely tuned to who we are. Self love plays a significant role in this crucial tuning of body and mind. They also say that self love and fashion go hand in hand. We couldn’t agree more! The way you dress up is reflective of your relationship with your own self, acceptance and confidence that comes as a bi-product. Clothes and accessory have the power to impact how you feel therefore, contributing to the process of self-love. This inspired us to dedicate the month of February to self-love and explore it in the realms of Zariin. We designed our campaign #SelfLovewithZariin – an idea to celebrate the “month of love” unconventionally by propagating the practice of self love.

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Zariin’s Self Love Checklist
No journey is complete without extending it to the women who dress themselves up in our jewellery. Here’s how we inspired them to indulge themselves in simple acts of self love. We set a few goals and acts for them to achieve with this checklist.

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Letting Go Of
Self Love is also a whole lot about certain things you need to eradicate from your life and around to surround oneself with all the positivity and the right things. Mamta and Vidhi introspected and shared a list of 5 such aspects each they’d be letting go of. Read the top 10 things they’d be omitting to assert a healthy dose of self love here.

Mamta and Vidhi introspected and shared a list of 5 such aspects each they’d be letting go of. Read here.

Zariin Real Women and Self Love
We also reached out to some incredible women we have shared a working relationship with to share their take on this idea. They divulge with their take on self love. Read their quotes here.

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Read their quotes here.

Body Positivity Campaign – Zariin X Jia Singh
In 2016, Zariin collaborated with wellness blogger Jia Singh for a body positivity campaign “Imperfectly Me” where 18 women embraced body positivity. It was a “white shirt” campaign where each of them styled the classic white shirt in their own way, accessorized with Zariin and shared their inspiring journey to this cause. Follow the link to get inspired by this campaign that remains ever so relevant.

Here’s to extending the concept of love beyond the month February and making sure you have a beautiful relationship with yourself above everything else!

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