Mamta and Vidhi’s Top 10: Things to Let Go Of to Love Myself Better

We have always believed in the unconventional. Which is why February for us is not just the “month of love” but also a time when we are looking to inspire you to indulge in some self love. Read more about our #SelfLovewithZariin campaign here. As we explore the realms of this concept this month, we realized that while there are a lot of things one must include to achieve that perfect balanced state of self love. There are also things one must let go in order to break from the energies that may be weighing you down. These could be habits, elements from your bursting wardrobes or thoughts that do you no good. Mamta and Vidhi put some thought to this and listed 5 things each they’d like to let go of for a more passive relationship with themselves.

5 Things Mamta Wants to Let Go of
Snoozing my alarm clock at 5AM and actually waking up instead 😉
Being unsocial. Go out more often.
Dessert with my 4PM coffee.
Nagging my son to be the super human I expect him to be at times.
Looking at my cell phone while reading.

mamta things to let go of
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5 Things Vidhi Wants to Let Go Of
Clothes that I haven’t worn in the last 2 years (the pair of jeans that I’m hoarding to fit into SOME day)
Pressure of saying yes. It’s ok to say no!
Being too busy to express love.
Binge eating….but if I do, the guilt over binge eating.

vidhi things to let go of
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Were you able to relate to some of these? What are the things that you would want to omit to have a more peaceful relationship with your own self. We at Zariin believe that to move forward one must believe in and practice the art of letting go.

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