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Real Women – Gopalika Virmani

It’s our first Real Women feature for 2020 and we talk to the ever so talented Gopalika Virmani – the woman who creates some incredible fashion sets and her styling and creative direction result in some memorable campaigns abundant with freshness and exuberance. As you read through her responses, you’ll realize that she’s as exuberant as her work. She’s a complete straight shooter and all heart. Something we at Zariin absolutely love – speaking things just as they are, no drama! Making her the perfect muse for us.
It’s a wonder to see Gopalika style some real statement key pieces in the most nonchalant ways. Do take note!

gopalika virmani in zariin
Zariin Real Women Muse – Gopalika Virmani

The best part about your job.
I get to create everyday.

The not so good part about your job.
I get to spend only limited hours on every set I create.

gopalika virmani on creativity
Shop the ring.
gopalika virmani boss lady
Gopalika Virmani’s boss lady hacks. Shop the Earrings

Three boss lady productivity hacks.
Be consistent
Never boast, be humble
Always be kind

Three go-to apps on your phone.

What’s one thing you own that you should probably get rid of, but just can’t?
My black pants

zariin sea princess
Shop Sea Princess.

Daily rituals you swear by.
Wake up and brush my teeth
Make it to work each day, unless something major happens

Have you ever been to a solo trip? Any pro-travel tips…
I have travelled most times solo. It’s a thing I got introduced to by mistake when a friend of mine never made it for a trip we had taken – That’s when I realized solo travels are the BEST THING EVER

gopalika virmani on jewellery
Gopalika Virmani on jewellery. She’s dressed in jewels from Zariin’s Wedding Edit.
solo travel
Gopalika Virmani on solo travelling.
Shop the necklace and the bangles.

Your favourite spot in the city.
My room

How do you think Delhi influences your personal style or your work for that matter?
It’s a warm city and it keeps me going – It’s somehow balanced between day and night

gopalika in zariin statement jewellery
Shop the Wedding Edit.

What is the last compliment you got?
It was about my cleavage and honest to god I love it so very much

What type of a bride will you make: the Fun Bride, the Planner Bride, the Eye for Detail Bride or the Last Minute Bride?
The bride who doesn’t care about anything but the family around her with a hint of tantrums ill throw a week before my wedding because I’ve thrown none and I honestly want to know how that feels just for kicks.

the bride to be
What type of a bride will you make?

Tell us about your chemistry with your fiancé. What are some of the fun things you have done together?
We always pull each other’s leg and I never thought I’ll be in a relationship where we don’t take each other so seriously – But it’s the most fun part – We make fun of each other – We also have date nights like this one date night we went from Fine dine —–to—- India Gate—–to—Drunk professional photo shoot at India gate—-to—-A game parlour in Pandara road—-to—-drunk at my massi’s house to wish her birthday,
That one night we forget who we are at work and home – we are just with each other.

How are you preparing for your wedding? What part are you enjoying the most?
The corona is making sure I can’t plan a thing cause we don’t know where it’s going to be. Till then I’m getting all my outfits in place because who doesn’t want to sing Charkha chandan da at the mehendi without the right clothes.

everyday jewellery
Gopalika Virmani in Night to Remember Earrings which fall as a necklace. Shop the earrings.

Honeymoon plans? Active or city?
Cancelled again because travel is such a scary thing right now but that being that if India is safe I would like to trouble him by wearing a chuda and running through the streets of Shimla – 80’s honeymoon anyone?

Jewellery for everyday or jewellery for occasions? What’s your approach?
I love jewellery! I can stack rings up and neck pieces and be the happiest child ever! Definitely jewellery everyday.

A piece of jewellery you always wear?
My engagement ring

jewellery love
born to differ
Shop the Night to Remember Earrings.

Your relationship with jewellery. What does jewellery mean to you?
It’s precious if it has a story.

Which Zariin collection resonates with your personal style? What’s your take on the label?
The collection with the sea shells – Sea Princess – it’s fresh and it’s something I would love to wear all of!
The label is something I know of since I started my career but it always has something new to offer and that’s the best part!

gopalika on zariin
gopalika in zariin statement ring
Gopalika is making a statement in Party Power Ring from Born to Differ.

The campaign has been shot by Ishita Singh. Clothes are from Gopalika’s personal wardrobe.

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