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Design Story – The Wedding Edit

We introduce the story of Zariin’s exclusive wedding jewellery collection.
Weddings in India are elaborate affairs reflecting the depth of Indian culture and crafts – the whole wedding aura is equally justified by elaborate outfits and jewellery. Modern approach to accessorizing for Indian weddings has come a long way and is reflected by a more sophisticated and understated twist but never compromising on the glamour quotient.

With this collection, we take forth the label’s signature delicate filigree craft and pearls to create mesmerizing pieces of art in the form of dramatic wedding jewellery that deserves all the attention. Intricate details of the 22kt gold dipped jewellery lend a modern understated manner to otherwise elaborate pieces in the form of cascading necklaces, bold earrings, maang teekas and exotic kadas. All designed for brides or the wedding guests. The collection is liberally laced with rice pearls asserting the Indian relationship and undying loyalty to these pristine ocean gems. Impressionable pieces of wearable art to make an occasion feel like one and wedding dressing up as royal as it can get!

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From the designer’s desk

The young Indian bride is a very active participant in her wedding planning and trousseau shopping. As much as she would like to create the most memorable and special wedding experience, she is also mindful about the economics of her wedding, and is practical and sustainable in her approach. She doesn’t necessarily look at investing heavily in wedding jewellery that will ultimately sit in her locker, bit instead covet timeless pieces, which she can use again. The jewellery that she can wear again, reminiscing her her wedding times, and accumulate more precious stories every time she wears them, carrying a chain of cumulative beautiful memories, This is how Wedding Edit was born.

What makes this collection truly special is its understated yet statement making approach which makes it suitable for a bride, bridesmaid and even the wedding guests. When it comes to wedding dressing, jewellery is such an integral part. The “wedding” feel comes with the jewellery you choose to wear.

Zariin as a label has always endeavored to be part of your daily dressing and special moments alike. Which is why for most of the collections, we intend to keep a balance between everyday wear pieces and occasion worthy pieces. With the Wedding Edit, our focus was to create dramatic statement jewellery that belongs to the grandeur of Indian wedding dressing. Each piece is essentially Indian, grand and spectacular than anything we have created before.Yet at the same time, the jewellery is timeless and wearable, extending its usage beyond sensibilities of the wedding celebrations.

Indian bridal dressing has come a long way. Over the past few years, Zariin has had the gracious opportunity of accessorizing several brides on their most special days who have also served to be inspirations for this collection. We have learnt that the modern Indian bride is looking for traditional key pieces that come with more refined delicate aesthetics. She is looking for grand elaborate pieces that do not pass as too OTT. There is a thin line between the two. The simplest brief to her style and aesthetics would be – statement but not gaudy, unique but traditional. At any point she is not willing to compromise on the grandeur aspect.

wedding matha patti
Shop the Treasures of History Matha Patti. Image and outfit courtesy Patine.
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Shop the Wedding Edit. Image and outfit courtesy Patine.

A bride will of course, wear necklaces, earrings, head jewellery, nose rings, haath phool or bangles etc. all at once. Together these elements transform a girl to a bride and make the perfectly impactful bridal look. Without these typically wedding pieces, a bridal look doesn’t come across as bridal enough. Unless, you make the personal choice of more understated approach and choose to wear only a few key pieces which is acceptable. Focus on wearing whatever you are comfortable with.
Bridesmaids and wedding guests can style their look around a few key statement pieces like a statement necklace or a maatha patti. Each piece from this collection spells celebratory.

Sustainability, practicality and wearability is going to be very important, and it is here to stay. Brides will look to buy key pieces for their trousseau that they can keep bringing back to life on other occasions too. Style wise, elaborate waterfall chokers with layering necklaces to go with, multi-strand necklaces, dramatic head jewellery, nose rings and lots of bangles are contributing in a big way to the jewellery trends this year.

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