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Work From Home Productivity Tips

We are into a week of lock down to flatten the curve of the spreading Covid -19 in India. Seeing the larger picture, we at Zariin had taken a conscious decision and had transitioned into the Work From Home model much before. And we are privileged to be able to do so. While we as a team thrive with our daily office routines, this just had to be done. A couple of days into it, we realized that switching to a new work model comes with its own perks and challenges. The perks of ample time, setting your own hours, your personal work station and spending time with your loved ones. The challenges are to manage that ample time, getting into the work mode, effective communication and seamless translation into quality work. One just has to accept the reality and one of the most crucial ways to deal with it is to approach it a balanced way. Dedicating some productive work hours is definitely helping. After a few hit and trials, we figured a few rules for ourselves which help us make the most of this Work From Home routine. We also did a fun Instagram activity to reach out to other working folks and some Zariin women to get tips on what works for them.
Sharing our notes.

Dress Up! – We just cannot stress enough on this. It helps you structure your day. You can choose to be comfortable and casual – but make an effort. Shower up, pick fresh clothes and put on a lipstick (we swear it works!). It connects you to the reality, helps you keep a track of the days and makes you feel good – always! Don’t let the days go blur. And if none of the above reasons resonate with you – please realize that you want to be taken seriously on all those Zoom meetings.

vidhi gupta's productivity tips for work from home
Vidhi Gupta, Co-Founder Zariin
ayesha amin nigam focuses on completing pending chores
Ayesha Amin Nigam, Fashion Stylist

Make Lists and Schedule – We have always been big on lists and just cannot operate optimally without it. But now is the time when we are extending this habit not only to our work but to structuring and segmenting our days. The idea is to dedicate time to everything we want to do and lists really help. And if there’s anything that remains unchecked, as Nirja Dutt puts it – there’s actually tomorrow to do it.

nirja dutt for zariin
Nirja Dutt
mamta gupta stresses on developing a work station
Mamta Gupta. Co-Founder Zariin Jewelry

Develop a WFH Work Station – Create a personal work space which is organized, well lit, ventilated and with an inspiring view if possible. It helps with thought clarity and finishing the task faster. Furnish it with a comfortable chair, a bottle of water and some interesting table tops to reflect your character. For every hour of sitting, make sure you stand and move around a bit.

Technology – Our approach to technology has always been an oscillating one. But in times like this the internet and certain apps are really a blessing. Instagram to get our communication going, Asana to delegate tasks, Zoom for all team discussions and office Whatsapp groups get the ball rolling in whichever way it can.

geetika mittal gupta shares her work from home tips
Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, Dermatologist. Owner ISAAC Luxe
ishita singh gives her bits
Ishita Singh, Photographer

Wellness and Fitness –It’s a good time to focus on some breathing techniques, demarcate time for indoor workouts and spend some time in your outdoor spaces like your garden, balconies, terrace etc. Some fresh air and workout for the body positively impacts your productivity. Having a good sleep cycle boosts your immunity and compensates the hours you spend in front of your system.

Neha Ramabhadran. Founder Peomira. Neha is wearing jewellery from the Flower Power collection.

Research – On most days the team is involved in daily fire fighting. In this slow time it makes a lot of sense for us to go through the constructive exercise of researching all the relevant aspects of our business, creative ideas and future approach which may take a back seat when we are chasing our daily targets.

work desk
Mamta on her work desk. To accessorize at home she chooses effortless pieces like the Spirited Gold Studs
to do lists
Vidhi’s to-do list. Featuring Moody Rocks Ring.
apply lipstick at home
Applying lipsticks helps. Featuring Line and Dot Earrings and Jasmine’s Delight Necklace

The above mentioned inputs are just some of the basic integration to our Work From Home routine that is helping us keep positive and consumed. We hope this helps you too. #StayHomeStaySafe

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