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The Importance of Dressing Up During Lockdown

Lockdown Day 20, New Delhi : Research suggests it takes 21 days to form a habit. If we go by the rules, we are now just a day short of making the idea of isolation more acceptable (not sure if we want to call it the new norm yet). As the world collectively spends time tracing various coping mechanisms to deal with the abundant time, forced introspection and reworking on new formats of operations, we seem to tap into the power of fashion and self care than ever before. We have accepted the reality of staying in and aim to approach it as positively as possible. And sometimes it is the simplest things that help you do that. Of the many things we have rediscovered in the past few days, dressing up is one of the most crucial contributing factors. What you wear not only defines who you are but also how you feel – and we are tapping on that. It could be a piece of jewellery,make-up to the rescue like your go-to red lipstick, do your hair, your favourite pair of denims or that summer dress you were waiting to slip into – treat yourself to the feel good power that your existing wardrobe holds.

psychological impact of dressing up
Vidhi and Mamta Gupta, Co-Founders Zariin

Fashion may come across as frivolous at this point but we just can’t deny ourselves of the positive impact it has on our spirits. What we wear matters, even now!
We have taken this idea forward and extended it to our Instagram with #FeelGoodDressing – a campaign which records Vidhi’s daily dressing up efforts to feel good (needless to say the campaign features an abundant dose of jewellery!)

vidhi gupta on feel good dressing up
Feel Good Dressing campaign by Vidhi. Vidhi is spotted in Fiery Skies Stud Earrings.

If you still wonder what difference can the mere act of dressing up make when you actually have nowhere to go and no one to meet. Sharing our bits –
A chance to revisit your wardrobe and explore your style – If you are a fashion lover and clothes and jewellery make you happy, then it is a good time to analyze your wardrobe, jewellery boxes and other existing elements to avoid bulk buying once the lockdown lifts, mix-n-match to make new combinations and rediscover all that you already have. This can also be your first step towards sustainability.

Structure your days and take control – Dressing up gives you a sense of purpose and more importantly helps you maintain a sense of normalcy. It aids to structuring your days especially when they can really go blur. Following a routine gives you a sense of being in control and kick starting your day by taking care of your well being and dressing up keeps you happy and positive.

An affirmation – For we believe that women dress up for themselves and not for anybody else’s validation.

Mood lifter – We need to tap the power of clothes of influencing our moods – now more than ever!

Chance to experiment – For all those times when you wanted to try a look out but didn’t have the courage to do so, now is the time. Some of these might actually survive once we are out of this.

experiment with your looks
Shop your favourites at Zariin

Enhance your productivity – Though making the effort may seem pointless, but dressing up does enhance you productivity. Read more on WFH productivity tips here.

Seeking these feel good factors doesn’t mean we are not acknowledging the crisis the world is facing and we are trying our best to do our bit. Our heart goes out to all the mere hands that are behind fashion, our cities and economies who are struggling to survive . We salute all the selfless souls who are on the front line and everyone who is making our staying in a possibility.

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