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Jewellery We Are Loving Right Now

We are going through a time we have never experienced before. Having been in a lockdown for almost a month now, we have slowly crafted a routine for ourselves filling it up with all things that make us happy and keeps us engaged constructively. One realizes that there is so much more that you can get done in a day and 24 hours are actually a lot. Dressing up is one such aspect of our routine(read why here) that we haven’t let go of as it gives us a sense of purpose and makes us feel good. We have made sure that we have made jewellery a part of our lockdown wardrobe to further enhance the feel good factor. We particularly find ourselves tilting towards simple gemstone jewellery. Not only does it make us feel put together but also lends the goodness of the stone. If there was ever a time to reap the stones benefits, it’s now! Jewellery loving in true sense – we wanted to share a few basic pieces that are resonating with our mood these days –

Stud Earrings – The fact that these studs have been a part of the Zariin design story and our personal wardrobes from the very beginning gives us so much comfort with their sense of familiarity. The studs come in various stone options like Rose Quartz, Green Amethyst, Green Chalcedony, Amethyst, Blue Topaz and Baroque Pearls. There are some incredible benefits with all the stones that give us so much satisfaction.

Healing Rings – We have designed these healing rings keeping in mind that certain gemstones have a lot of benefits associated with them for general well being, health, treating physical and mental ailments and warding off negativity. Zariin has identified six such gemstones and designed a minimal 22kt gold dipped ring whose aesthetics celebrate the stone. Each ring comes with its hosts of benefits that you can reap by adorning the ring.

healing rings loving
Shop the Healing Rings

Simple Necklaces – This time is also serving to be the perfect opportunity to make the most of our pendant necklaces. Simple pendant necklaces often go ignored when compared to striking statement necklaces.

delicate necklaces everyday jewellery
Featuring the Rock Routine Necklace. Available on special request

Delicate Bracelets – The thing about simple bracelets is that they always remain relevant- lockdown or not. We have loved slipping on to these and it fills us with happiness every time we glance at it while working on our laptops.

bracelet loving for daily dressing
Featuring Stars of Dream Bracelet. Shop now.

Stacking Rings-Simple stacking rings are something we include on everyday basis. At any given point we’ll have one or two of these simple rings on us.

stacking rings jewellery loving
Featuring Serendipity Stroke Ring. Available on special request.

We’ve been wearing these pieces as sets and on some days end up sticking to just one piece. Life right now is all about focusing on simple things that are capable of giving us so much more joy than we credit them for. Jewellery loving does that for us. Gives us joy, hope and comfort…..and make our work from home stint as fun as possible.

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