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Candid with Zariin – Art of Flatlays with Anupriya Roy

Candid With Zariin is our initiative to stay digitally connected with customers everywhere and make this lockdown period more enriching. Our Founders, Mamta and Vidhi decided to kick off the series where each week we would invite an expert from the industry to talk about art, business or more! For the latest in our #CandidWithZariin series, we interacted with Still Life Stylist, Anupriya Roy on Instagram Live to give us insights into the art of flatlays. Anupriya is the “queen of flatlays” as we like to call her. We also have a work association with her as she styled the Sea Princess flatlays for the campaign. This time around we had a lovely afternoon session where Anupriya went live and styled two flatlays and took us through various crucial aspects to keep in mind when working on one. As our lives and its projections gets more digital than ever before, flatlays have become a part of our creative communication.

Still Life Stylist, Anupriya Roy

 We take you through the main take aways from the session.

What are flatlays and why are they so important?

Flatlays are a style of photography that has been there for a long time. It’s an extension of still life photography. It’s a way to showcase your products in the best way possible. Everything is in focus and lies flat in front of you. It brings to life the quality and the details of products like jewellery, perfumes, beauty products, textures and fabrics. One can create a flatlay with anything in the world. It’s about putting together your favourite things in a stylised manner.

What’s the best lighting for a flatlay?

For flatlays at home, natural light is the best option. Anupriya prefers to shoot early morning or towards the evening because that’s when the shadows aren’t very harsh and sunlight remains constant for a bit.

What kind of props should one pick?

Picking the right props are all about the elements that you would associate with the theme and the focus of the flatlay. You can use anything in your house, something that you treasure like heirloom jewellery, decor pieces or food elements. 

Anupriya gets her props from a lot of sources but her go to places in Delhi would be Lajpat Nagar for antiques and Connaught Place for old book stores as she personally loves to use books with vintage covers.


  • Begin by choosing the right base for your flatlay.
  • Pick a neutral theme as your backdrop so it doesn’t interfere with your products.
  • When placing your props, overlapping is always a good idea. Layer and keep one subject as the focus.
  • Keep distance between all your props. 
  • When styling food always note that it may not taste good but it has to look good!

For the first flatlay, Anupriya used a slab of wood as it imparts a lovely texture and makes a nice neutral base. Her focus piece for the flatlay was a Jo Malone perfume and she used a cup of lemon tea with saucer as the highlight. She further accessorised the picture with a fur base, some lemons for a pop of colour, tea biscuits on a dish, simple hoop earrings, sunglasses and a magazine to complete the picture. 

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For the second flatlay, Anupriya used a linen fabric as the base. She created some folds, placed a mirror and used jewellery with same aesthetics. For extra elements she used a book with a lovely illustrated cover, placed a vase with beautiful dried flowers and placed sunglasses and some twigs on the sides. She preferred to place the necklace in a free flowing manner as opposed to bunching it up and suggested to take the picture at an angle to avoid your reflection on the mirror and also add some depth to the shot. 

Flatlays are all about creating the right mood and picking the right elements. Learning by experimentation is one of the best way forwards and you can actually take this up as a learning project to make the most of this lockdown period and get creative. 

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