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Summer Styling Tips – A Jewellery Guide by Fashion Stylists

Seasons have a great influence on our dressing and accessorising habits. We reached out to some of the most notable stylists in the Indian industry to give us an insight into summer styling tips for jewellery. Make a note, ladies!


Adding a statement piece of jewellery to your outfit always helps your whole look pop. It can instantly make a simple outfit look dressed up.

Our pick for statement jewellery – Desert Queen Earrings

rochelle for zariin

Reann Moradian, Senior Stylist Wardrobist

Anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely LOVE jewellery. All kinds – every kind.   My fingers are always stacked up in rings, my hands in bangles, and my neck in layers, or statement pieces. I prefer to style myself in a combination of minimal and maximal accessories. I like tanking up several small pieces, rather than one big piece. Antique silver jewellery is a personal favourite of mine and I have been collecting pieces since I was in school! 

If you don’t want to go overboard in your accessory styling, I’d suggest to go maximal in one area. For example, if you want to stack up one hand with multiple rings, midi – rings, bangles, palm cuffs, then keep this as the only focal area. 

But don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with your jewellery.

Our pick would be stacking rings.

reann moradian shares her summer styling tips

Shimoli Kapasi, Fashion Stylist, Nykaa

Do not limit your styling to ethnic wear when it comes to Indian jewellery, you could always add a little twist to your western wear by pairing it with an unconventional piece of jewellery.

Our pick for Indian jewellery would be – Pearl Delicates

shimoli kapasi for zariin

Varun Leo, Freelance Stylist 

Multicoloured precious stone jewellery is what it takes to glam up your simple outfit this season. 

Brides to guests choose the size of your accessory wisely and slay it with confidence.

But like I always say: know when to stop!

Our pick for multicoloured stone jewellery would be – Girl in the City

varun leo gives summer styling tips

Surbhi Shukla, Jr Fashion Editor, Grazia India

Pearls necklaces are seeing a new life this summer, all thanks to Harry Styles. Great way to up all your #WFHFit

surbhi shukla opts for pearl necklaces

Pooja Sethi

Jewellery is to your outfit what punctuations are to prose! Vital to help make a statement,  essential to create a balance and pivotal to accent it’s essence.

When it comes to using accessories, it’s important to keep in mind, not just the tone you want to set, but also what you are comfortable with.

Do not make your accessories compete for attention. “Balance” is the key! You can deck it all up, but when done in balance they will work together. But when out of balance, they will disturb focus and create a visual chaos.

Pick what you wish to highlight, be clear on that and then work from this point! You could wear a layered neck string, a chunky cuff, 5 rock sized rings and still be in complete balance. Balance is not to be confused with bare.

Accessories are meant to have fun with! Experiment, be adventurous, have a few statement pieces handy to elevate any outfit, geometrical patterns and Indian motifs never go out of style. And what is style, but just a reflection of who you are and what you feel! So, don’t just stick to mindless trends. Each one of us has a unique style stamp, find yours and accessorise away!

pooja sethi for zariin

Abhilasha  Devnani, Celebrity Fashion Stylist

While pairing jewellery with an outfit , keep the whole look in mind / whole outcome. I always believe keep one thing In focus ; If your outfit (clothing ) is over the top keep the jewels minimum and vice versa.

When everything is in your face all in all it looks nothing but garish and lacks elegance . Less is always more!

Our less is more pick would be Won’t Stop Rocking

abhilasha devnani gives her summer styling tips

Rupangi Grover, Fashion assistant, Elle India

A touch of gold can pull together almost any look. A classic gold piece of jewellery can compliment any outfit without overpowering it.

Our all gold pick would be Gold Blooms

rupangi grover opts for classic all gold

Nidhi Jeswani

If you’re wearing a high neckline, go with earrings to bring attention to your face. 

Short sleeves and tank tops work well for bracelets. They show off your arms and add more colour to your overall look. 

You can pair minimal necklaces and fine silver or gold chains  with most shirts. Wear these with a t-shirt, or a v-neck top if you want to show off your clavicle. Make sure the thickest neckpiece is the last layer.

Place a silica gel packet in your jewellery box to keep it moisture-free. Additionally, you can use clear nail-paint to coat your jewellery so that the colour doesn’t chip off. 

Happy Accessorising!

Our pick for minimal necklaces would be from Classics Lite

Hope these summer styling tips inspire you to explore your jewellery boxes.

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