Conscious Choices with Zariin – An Introduction

Fashion is at the moment of reckoning. From being spoilt for choice with abundance, the current situation has forced us to slow down and rethink our ways. The world has realised the need for conscious, sustainable and ethical practices in all aspects of our lives and what we wear and consume is going to be no different. We at Zariin have always held these values in high esteem and therefore, have decided to launch the Conscious Choices campaign because it is imperative to talk about it now, more than ever. 

The whole of this month, you’ll find us channeling our energies to Conscious Choices that we make as a brand and those associated with us.

conscious choices by zariin introduction

Every action of ours is a conclusion of the choices we make. To be well informed helps to make the mindful, aware and accountable choices. We believe that one must be conscious of where all the clothing and jewellery come from, who made it, how many people are behind it and seek information on the resources and production and shop local. Every piece of creation has a story and we must care for that story. It is a wonder to think about the skill and craft behind every piece of handmade jewellery. Somewhere, in the sea of mass production, handmade had lost its value and reduced to just another option.

conscious choices fashion
ethical fashion
sustainable fashion practices

Finally, the accountability of conscious choices and practices not only lies with the brands but the consumers as well. You must buy what you love, cherish it, wear it often and protect it. We have to do away with the concept of use and throw. Maintain your pieces, take care of them, re-wear and reinvent them. This is not about fashion anymore but a conscious relationship with every thing that you choose to wear and adorn. 

We are striving to spread a whole lot of goodness with this campaign. DO support us and shop local.

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