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The Art of a Conscious Closet

We find ourselves rethinking our way of life. While we may have struggled with the change, it is hard to deny the positive narratives that are shining through this new way of life – mindfulness being one of them. Past few months have inspired us to change habits, our routines, what we eat, how we think, process our lives, what we consume and what we wear. A certain conscious-ness has seeped in our ways and we can’t deny the positive impact it is having on us. As a jewellery label we have witnessed a resurgence of everyday jewellery more than ever before as women are exploring a relationship with their personal style in the most intimate ways – they find themselves dressing up for their own selves or dressing up with no where to go. Dressing up for your own individual validation is perhaps the most liberating form of fashion. The lockdowns also made us realise that when we buy something, it is not just about the product but an entire system that is behind it. So now is a good time to put a certain thought and consciousness in fashion and jewellery choices as well. We decode some simple steps to build a mindful and a conscious closet.


Begin by assessing what you already own. Evaluate the elements of your wardrobe, jewellery box and footwear. It’s important to value what you already own and have invested in at some point. Segment into keep, donate, repair and recycle categories.

organise your closet
A peek into Vidhi’s jewelry closet.


Take care of your clothes and jewellery. Keep them organised and safe. By doing so you add variety by getting access to everything that you own and they will serve you for longer.

Buy What You Love

Most of us have overwhelming closets and jewellery collections which don’t really reflect our style. So buy only what you love for your style to be all about you.

Make sure your heart is invested in the jewellery you buy. You have got to LOVE it!

buy what you love
Featuring earrings from Phool’s Paradise. Shop the collection.

Rewear and Repeat

Explore the potential of the pieces with you by styling them in different ways. By doing this, your jewellery and clothes become so much about you and who you are. A crucial step for a conscious closet.

everyday jewellery
Featuring rings from Phool’s Paradise. Shop the collection.

Repair and Replate

When you truly love something, you’ll end up wearing it often. Understand that the wear and tear is a reflection of your love and use. The best part about jewellery is that to a certain extent repair is always a possibility. So if your piece of jewellery fades, please reach out to the brand to replate it for you.

repair and replate
Featuring rings from Classics Lite.

Zariin replates your gold plating for free. So wear your Zariin and wear it out!

Also, befriend your local darzi to keep your clothes intact. Fix that tear if possible. 

Seek Quality, value handcrafted and shop local. 

Always pick quality over quantity. 

Unfortunately, like everything else, the machine made perfection has seeped into fashion taking away the very essence of the enamouring crafts the human hands developed through the history challenging handcrafting techniques indigenous to our way of life and local resources. 

Closed international borders have forced the consumer to look within and explore local treasures thereby helping in a larger cause. 

shop local for a conscious closet
Vidhi and Mamta curate their respective outfits from their personal wardrobe. Each element is sourced from local labels.
Vidhi’s Outfit: Knotted Shirt by Chola, embellished jacket by Dhruv Kapoor, Pants by 11.11, footwear by Cai and Native Lust Choker Necklace by Zariin
Mamta’s Outfit: Jacket and white linen dress by Ekaco, scarf by Me & Kashmiere, necklace, earrings and bracelet by Zariin. The necklace and bracelet is available on special request. Shop the Ready to Bloom Drop Earrings.

Read labels.

Make an effort to learn about the journey of your jewellery and clothes. Endeavour to ask “Who made my jewellery?” or “Who made my Clothes?”

who made my jewellery
meet zariin artisans
Meet Biplop Bose (right).
Main skill: hand made jewellery and filling.
Years in the jewellery industry: 26
He is the third generation of his family working in this industry.
Number of people in his family : 6
Kids going to school: Yes, he has 2 sons
Favourite food – Rui fish

Meet Sujeet Jha (left)
Main skill: Hand made jewellery and filling
Years in the jewellery industry: 5
Number of people in his family: 4
Kids going to school: No Kids
Favourite food: Dal Chawal

A conscious closet is a reflection of the fact that you truly care.

Read more about our Conscious Choices campaign here.

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