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Candid with Zariin – Woodstock Witch Reveals What’s in Store for 2020 and Crystal Healing

Taking our #CandidwithZariin series forward, Zariin invited Zohra to reveal what our signs have in store for us as we enter the second realm of this year along with some crystal healing inputs. Zohra, better known as the Woodstock Witch took us through each zodiac’s guidance for 2020 and talked bout what’s in store for the rest of the year. For everyone who missed this session or are too lazy to go through the video, we have gone a few extra miles by compiling all of it here on the blog. We are living in times of uncertainty and when planning anything is a challenge. Zohra’s inputs might help and give you some sense of direction. She promises it’s not all gloom and doom! Also, discover the perfect crystal for your zodiac sign from Zariin’s Zodiac Necklaces, as recommended by her. 

Meet Zohra.Tarot reader and energy worker.

Zohra describes herself as a witch, a tarot reader, energy worker and loves working with crystals. They are so powerful and potent that one can almost think of them as your friends. They come with a dominant vibrational energy but depending on what you are working through by manifesting in your life, you can almost program them to assist you in this journey.

Do take note that these readings apply to both – men and women. Also, these readings are applicable to western sign, sun sign, vedic sign or moon sign. Just go with what you resonate with. 

Crystal Healing for Aries

A lot of cash money. A lot abundance coming your way. Forget about where you are now, because wherever you are right now, this may feel like an impossible dream but believe in the impossible. Not only is there abundance but you are also very secure about it- not just enough for your needs but also for your wants. You will be able to help those around and give back in whatever way you get called to. I see big success and a position of power – if that Is something you are working towards. 

In this quarantine, you have surprised yourself. You have gone into a burrow and if you are somebody who identifies as an extrovert – you have surprised yourself by spending a lot of time reflecting, looking inward, journaling, writing, reading which is beautiful. In this period of self reflection you have gained clarity on what it is that you are meant to do, create and serve. It’s time for you to reignite the inherent Aries fire and get into action mode.

Your stone is Carnelian. Interestingly, Carnelian is associated with Mars who is your ruler. Carnelian is known as sunset in a stone. Two words I see with this stone are courage and confidence. It enhances these qualities within you and at the same time if you have any issues relating to self and you are not able to believe in yourself. Those emotional blocks can be addressed with the help of Carnelian. When it comes to love though, I feel that you are almost too comfortable with where you are and you have stopped trying. What Carnelian does is that, whatever emotional and sexual blocks you have that are coming in the way of opening yourself to love then this stone can assist you in that as well. 

Crystal Healing for Taurus 

A classic example of “life has other plans!” You are somebody who likes to hold on, you like to stick to the familiar and play in safe territories but that is not what the universe wants for you. I envision a big change but it is going to be a roller coaster ride and just when you think that the game is over is when everything will move in upward spiral. 

Your stone is Clear Quartz. Known as the master healer. A blank slate, you can almost program it with whatever it intention you put in the stone. It will magnify it for you tenfold. After the turmoil, I see a resurgence. I see you have clarity and a whole new sense of direction. Whatever it is that you have gone through  int he past whether it is physical, mental or emotional – all the troubles open yourself to the healing energies of the universe through this stone. It will be a major transformation and you won’t even remember what really happened but instead bless that is actually happened.

Clear Quartz is a versatile stone and if you are a beginner and haven’t worked with crystals in the past, this is a good place to start. 

Crystal Healing for Gemini

Prioritise self care. I feel you have lacked on this and through the course of the lockdown you have gone through a lot of ups and downs where health is concerned – it may be physical, emotional or mental. You have shut it out and redirected your attention to your work. But this sort of denial is not going to serve you but will take you a few steps back. I see a lot coming for you on the work front. Remember everything works inside out. So I would strongly urge you to first take care of yourself and then direct your energy towards whatever it is that you are meant to do.

The good thing is that I see a whole of clarity, focus and have got your priorities right in terms of what you have set out to achieve in the world but the thing is that there is this tendency to get obsessed with perfection and get so rigid about the plan. You almost tunnel vision yourself. 

Your stone is Citrine. What Citrine does is that it associates itself with the womb chakra which is the seat of the feminine. It helps you stay connected to that flow. It is great that you are clear with your goals but every time an obstacles arrives in your path, it helps you to flow around it like water. Citrine is also closely associated with success and abundance, whatever you feel like that these doors are closed for you other than creativity. You will experience abundance but you will have to work for it. A lot of people around you are going to be in a vulnerable space but they will need you to hold space for them. This energy will help you serve others from an empowered space other than getting caught in the drama. 

Crystal Healing for Cancer

You have spent too much time undermining your talents. 2020 is the time for you to really own it. You know your talents and gifts you are blessed with. Don’t shy away from brining them to the centre stage. You deserve to be seen, you deserve to be heard.You know it. It is time for you to own it. Along with self love and the power to believe in yourself, I am also seeing a lot of openness in your inter personal relationships that includes your friends and family. In a way that you could have known somebody for a 100 years but you are really being able to connect with them from a brand new space with pure innocence. Childlike innocence. At the same time if you are single, there is a possibility of connecting with someone from the past and make you realise what you were missing all this while and potentially start a new chapter in your life that is marriage and babies and all of those good things.

Your stone is Pink Quartz. It activates a whole lot of self love and a heart opener. If you struggle with balance in your relationship. This stone can help you reset on that front. It will ensure the balance between giving and receiving is restored and it really opens you up for the energy of receiving love. 

Crystal Healing for Leo

Your stone is Peridot. It is like a Vitamin D inside a crystal. It is synonymous with Sun’s energy and activates positivity, radiance and feel good stuff. It is important for you right now, as opposed to most of the people because as you entered lockdown with a strange sense of optimism that you are going to tide over this and yet somehow, through the course of the quarantine things didn’t unfold like you would like them to. As a result of this, you could have gone into a space when you are doubting yourself and the divine plan. The only obstacle in your path is you. Working with this crystal, can open up trust and belief issues in your own self power. This is a powerful stone to clear all of that. Even if this is not traditionally called the Law of Attraction stone. I am going to call it just that because I feel whatever it is that you have set out to achieve, set your intention in your stone and trust that this stone will really magnify the energy of whatever it is that you are meant to attract. The portal of abundance is going to open out for you. 

Crystal Healing for Virgo

Your stone is Amethyst. It is associated with third eye which is really activating your energy, your connection with the divine, receive messages form the divine and go deeper into meditation and be a channel for that energy. Other than that is it is extremely healing, calming and brings emotional balance if anxiety is something that you are struggle with. I feel the next two months for you is going to feel like walking through clouds of confusion with a lot of uncertainty. I see ups and downs and it is nothing that you can’t tide over but you have to be extra careful. On the other side of these clouds of confusion I see a lot of clarity. I see that you are realigning with your mission with what you are meant to do and like Gemini you will be focussed and have your priorities right at the same time if you are looking at whatever it is that you are meant to bring to this world. If you are thinking about who you want to collaborate with, who you want to hire then I see that you are able to assemble a dream team for projects that you have put on a back burner. For the rest of the year, you will be able to bring life back into these projects and find the right people who can create magic with you. 

Amethyst can also assist you with a move from confusion to clarity and at the same time it also really activates your imagination so if you are in the creative field, then this is a great stone to work with because it is like having visual downloads from the universe. 

Crystal Healing for Libra 

I feel that you have been playing peek-a-boo. You’ll step at your will and then you’ll go back right in. But the rest of the year, I see an outward energy. You want to step into a centre stage and you are not afraid of owning your gifts and are not afraid of taking leadership positions and standing in your power. It hasn’t always been like that for you and this is part fo the transformation that you are going through where you are no longer afraid to be seen and heard.

The stone that we have for you is Malachite which is called the transformer. Associated with heart chakra. What it does is that it is going to pour for you a piping hot cup of truth. So wherever you are shying away from asserting yourself, speaking your truth or being the more radiant and magnificent version of yourself. It is going to make you aware of these patterns. You are prepared for this energy of change and transformation. At the same time since it is the heart chakra stone, I see a massive heart opening for you and I don’t want to limit this to romantic connections. I see that your tribe is growing. You are able to connect to your soul family on a deeper level. You know who your people are, the people who are supporting you in your mission and whatever emotional wounds that you have, Malachite will help you transform all of that and open space in your heart for the right relationship. 

Crystal Healing for Scorpio 

This is a lucky time. This is hard to believe because up until now, 2020 has felt like an obstacle course for you. However, things are going to take a turn so drastically both on the personal and the professional front. I see big success, break throughs, recognition, centre stage energy for you as well. 

Your stone is the Yellow Topaz. What this stone does other than activating positive thoughts and emotions is that it helps you attract fame.It makes you extremely charismatic to the people around you. You’re going to be sitting on that throne, you better get people to like you. I see that this stone will also help you bring all your ideas into tangible reality and this stone has the power to motivate you and activate the go getter energy. In love, if you and your partner have been away because of everything happening right now or any issues, then I see peace and harmony being restored. You are entering a really beautiful cycle together. 

Crystal Healing for Sagittarius 

Your mantra to remember for the rest of the year is that life always has other plans. Things are not going to go as per what you imagine. I see a lot of disappointment. But if you look at your reality from here, you can get caught up in that energy of loss, disappointment and victim mentality but if you keep your vision higher, you’ll remember why you came here and what your mission really is. 

Your stone is Turquoise. Interestingly, Turquoise was used int he ancient times to call upon the energy of the sky. It is the bridge between material world and spiritual world. It is your direct access to the divine. Which is why I mentioned the need to keep a higher vision because despite the disappointment, when you exit 2020, you are going to exit like a boss. You are going to be in a position of power. I see that you are successful, there is public recognition and at the same time despite all the losses, you will be exiting the year with a project very close to your heart. Something that you truly feel aligned with and you feel excited to create. The only thing that I would warn you is, that when things are not going your way, you may want to compromise your vision. Stay authentic and don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams are too big or you are being unrealistic because you are not. You have this vision in your mind for a reason. 

Crystal Healing for Capricorn 

Chalcedony is the stone for you. Other than mystical powers, it is also an extremely serene stone. So when emotions are running high and there is anger or rage, this stone can help to bring you the cool energy of cool waters back into the equation. I see that you have taken time to think things through and are at a point when you are ready to plant new seeds. The seeds that you are planting are not limited to 2020. This is the vision that you have for the rest of your life and the time to take a step in that direction is now. Have a clear plan of action, be very practical with this plan of action, rebuild but also get your your resources in order. The other thing that I see that is that if this project is something that is close to your heart, you will feel inspired to wear many hats. You play many roles with ease and learn in process. I also see a very big manifestation energy, so whatever you are thinking, you are able to manifest. So make sure you keep your thoughts clean. Because you want to manifest the right things in your reality. 

The reason I said that Chalcedony can bring forth the energy of harmony is because one of the things you could potentially struggle with the people around you not supporting you or supporting you in the way that you want them to. Working with this will ensure that you don’t get triggered and focus on what you are meant to do. One interesting fact is that this stone was used by orators before they went on stage. So if  you work in the performance art space, create videos or speak in a public forum, this is the stone for you to work with because it opens up the throat chakra and  gives you the courage and confidence  that you need to speak from a space of truth. 

Crystal Healing for Aquarius

Your stone is the Lapis Lazuli. It has a celestial hue and in fact it is known to be a portal to heavens. It activates higher knowledge and your connection to the divine. Whatever divine messages that you want to receive for yourself and the messages that would really help to open up the path to you, then this is the stone for you to work with. It is absolutely magical. It is necessary because I feel that there is a lot of chaos. Not in the same way, but what I see is that despite the chaos, you are stating in the middle of it like a Buddha and watching the drama unfold and you know that certain structures need to break down so new structures can be formed on a personal level and on a collective level. That inner Buddha is so aware of that, that through all of it you are sitting and meditating and you are letting these old structures fall apart. There is going to be damage control so I don’t see that it’s an energy of new as much as it is picking up the pieces but there is going to be some clean up that you need to do. But at the same time towards the end of the year, I do see that you will manifest something new. What you have already worked towards, you will receive acclaim for that but I see that. So don’t stop working but when you have to pick up the pieces know that sometimes you just need to declutter so you can make space for new energy to pour in.

Crystal Healing for Pisces

People tend to think that you’re mystical, dreamy and that you live in the other realms. What I have for you is boss babe energy. I see you really owing your gifts, being yourself and I see that you are becoming more you than you have ever been. I see that individuality and independence is an important thing. I see that you are really asserting yourself outside of your relationship like your family or community structures. That does not mean that you don’t get to enjoy a peaceful or a harmonious relationship. The more you bring yourself into the relationship, the more you are moving towards the space of peace, love and harmony. The more you become you, the more your relationships get better. 

Your stone is Labradorite. This is known as the transformer so whatever it is that you have been struggling with, all of these patterns are slowly going to be transformed with the help of this energy. I see that you are really reconnecting with your inner strength. The stone also activates creativity and imagination. So if you have been thinking of writing or starting a new creative project so trust that this will help you open up that portal. 

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