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Design Story – Linked: Modern Zodiac Necklaces by Zariin

Introducing Linked – modern zodiac necklaces by Zariin

The Concept
We live in a fascinatingly vast Universe. Believers believe that we all have a unique relationship with the stars above. Just how the Sun and the Moon are integral part of our lives accompanying us in any corner of the world and together these celestial wonders set a rhythm in nature that impacts our everyday living in the form of Circadian Rhythms and seasons. Similarly, stars define who we are and our personality traits.

Although various civilisations, have contributed to the science of Zodiacs, it was the Babylonians who gave us the symbols as we know them today in the form of the Lion, the Scales etc. and the Ancient Greeks who gave us the names in the form of Aries, Taurus and so on…..

linked zodiac necklaces zariin
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The Collection
Linked is a collection of 12 zodiac necklaces that explores the personal connect between the jewellery and the wearer. Zariin presents the concept in the most modern way in the form of link lariat necklace that boasts of a sleek design and versatility. Capable of being worn and styled in three different ways, the 22kt gold dipped necklaces have the potential to inspire the wearer to create a unique look while establishing a talismanic connect with the Zodiac sign crafted on the gold dipped and enamelled medallions that hold the sculptured motifs of a particular Zodiac sign.

zodiac necklaces by zariin
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modern zodiac necklaces
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We believe that jewellery is an extremely personal accessory – a perfect symbol of strength and protection, the Linked necklaces are modern amulets that serve as a silent but stylish reminders of our deep connect with the world. Reminders of our positive and negative traits to reach our greatest potential. They also make ideal gifts for those who want to pamper with something well thought of and cherish-able for life.

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