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Design Story – Spiritual Connect Coasters

Most of us have that one moment or a ritual in our routines when you share a drink with someone significant and bond over it or simply choose to spend it by yourself. It could be a tea ritual with your mom, ending your day with a book and a cup of chamomile tea on your bed side, coffee with your bestie, Sunday G&T or that glass of wine with your partner to unwind. These drink experiences of our day end up becoming nostalgic moments of reflection and intimate conversations if you share it with someone. Mundane but significant, these are moments in your day one really looks forward to. To elevate this experience and fill it with all the positive notes, Zariin has designed a set of coasters inspired by one of the home grown cultures of India – Buddhism.

zariin spiritual connect coasters
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zariin table top accessory coasters
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Zariin’s Spiritual Connect coasters make an elegant table top accessory with delicate metallic translation of 8 Buddhist symbols that bring abundant positivity to any space. Artistically crafted in brass and dipped in 22kt gold, the coasters truly elevate your beverage experience. Pure finesse with utility, these coasters are accessories that protect your furniture from damage and work equally as a meaningful and feel good decorative tool.You can also use these on top of your beverage to shield it at times. The beautifully crafted set of two, will make a subtle value addition to any surface you use. By combining spiritual elements, design and function, Zariin has crafted a meaningful accessory that will be a joy to own and gift!

Decoding the 8 profound symbols of Buddhism – 

The Lotus Flower – Representing enlightenment and purity. For its beauty grows amidst muddy waters.

Two Golden Fish – Happiness and Freedom. For they swim freely at their own will.

The Banner of Victory -Good over evil. A victory over pride, fear of death, anger, ignorance, delusion and craving.

The Conch Shell – Beautiful sound of dharma. An awakening out of ignorance.

The Dharma Wheel – The symbol representing Buddha himself and his teachings.

The Vase – Representing prosperity. It is always abundant with offerings.

The Eternal Knot – The symbol asserts how everything is interrelated in this world.

The Umbrella – The symbol of protection.  Safety and refuge from harm and evil.

coasters inspired by buddhist symbols
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The coasters come in a set of two. Perfect option for showing some self love and it also makes a great anniversary or rakhi gift.

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