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What’s Your Zodiac Style?

Whether you reach out for your daily horoscope everyday or not – the idea that our zodiac sign may actually define your style sensibilities was pretty intriguing. We came across this little bit of information on our research for our Linked zodiac necklaces and the creative souls at Zariin took this up as a challenge to explore the zodiac style and specific fashion traits.We have defined the unique style qualities of each of the zodiacs through 12 curated looks and paired each zodiac look with the Linked necklace, of course! It’s a wonder to see how effortlessly these link lariat necklace work with different kind of outfits. We can’t stress enough on how versatile these necklaces actually are. The 12 incredible looks say it all for us.

You have mastered the classic approach to your wardrobe but occasionally surprise with effortless street style looks. Simple, sleek pieces always catch your attention.

aries zodiac style
Aries fashion personality featuring Soul of the Ram Aries Necklace

You are bold with your wardrobe choices, like to stand out . Comfort blended with the trendy is your key mantra and may not prefer the structured too much.

taurus zodiac style
Taurus fashion personality featuring Soul of the Bull Taurus Necklace

Your endeavour for fresh trendy looks makes you a risk taker and inspires you to switch things up regularly. You prefer streamlined elements for your wardrobe but they are never simple.

gemini fashion personality
Gemini fashion personality featuring Soul of the Twins Gemini necklace

With a refined sense of style, you gravitate towards polished, classic elements for your wardrobe. High on elegance and that reflects through the day.

cancer fashion style
Cancer fashion personality featuring Soul of the Crab Cancer Necklace.

Leos like to make a statement and do so with eye-catching pieces and vibrant colours. Open to experimentation – they prioritise intuition over trends.

leo fashion
Leo fashion personality featuring Soul of the Lion Leo Necklace

Virgos know how to play on their strengths – like a lady! They have a soft corner for tailored, well made pieces and effortlessly oscillate between the grown up and casual styles.

virgo necklace
Virgo fashion personality featuring Soul of the Virgin Virgo Necklace

Your wardrobe combines your love for the classic and lush in the form beautiful fabrics. You have mastered the art of day-to-night outfits and finish your look with just the right accessories.

libra fashion style
Libra fashion personality featuring Soul of the Scales Libra Necklace.

Always putting your best pieces forward your style is a mix of feminine and classic. You work colours in the most polished ways.

sagittarius wardrobe
Sagittarius fashion personality featuring Soul of the Archer Sagittarius Necklace.

You truly believe in staples which is why when something truly resonates with you….you get it in every colour. Your style approach is always polished with signature pieces and tested elements.

scorpio fashion traits
Scorpio fashion personality featuring Soul of the Scorpion necklace.

Capricorns style qualities can be defined by simple and sophisticated. They build their wardrobe by investing in basic key elements and elevate it with a twist in the form of accessories or some other striking element.

capricorn fashion traits
Capricorn fashion personality featuring Soul of the Sea Goat Capricorn necklace.

Aquarius are creative and offbeat in their style approach. They like to be different and their wardrobe reflects that and for which they rely on experimental pieces, bold colours or prints.

aquarius fashion traits
Aquarius fashion personality featuring Soul of the Water Bearer Aquarius Necklace

Your style always feels fresh and new. Your bohemian flair always lends a touch of whimsical to your outfits. You keep a balance between trendy and comfort.

pisces fashion traits
Pisces fashion personality featuring Soul of the Fish Pisces necklace.

We’d love to know if you find these looks relatable.

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