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Design Story – Traces of Me

traces of me jewelry by zariin

Traces of Me – Women often leave a trace behind in the form of lipstick impressions, whiff of perfumes and jewellery that never fades away. And these are beautiful and powerful markers of femininity. Our inspiration for one of our most powerful and enigmatic collection of the season is the symbolism of red lipstick. Zariin has ventured to create a collection as transformative as the red lipstick, mentally and physically – it is bold, whimsical and vintage. Red lipstick is a reflection of a woman’s state of mind. It spells hope on some days and sensuality on some. Works as the perfect mood lifter and always manages to instil power, confidence and potent feminine energy. It’s an effortless boost of glamour and one step solution to dressing up. Red lipstick is reliable and sometimes all that you need. 

Traces of Me is a dramatic collection of 22kt gold dipped jewellery that encapsulates all the attributes of a red lipstick with pieces as iconic and significant. With abundant dose of vintage incorporated in modern forms of jewellery as pendant necklaces, two finger rings, hoops and links. It incorporates three gemstones that have transcended time, culture and geography ( just as the red lipstick) and remain as relevant now as in the past: Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli and Labradorite. Interesting elements like coins, medallions, filigree and leaf motifs further contribute to the individuality of the pieces.

Just like the red lipstick, Traces of Me jewellery can be adorned and cherished by women of all age groups, world over. Inspired by the idea of creating jewellery that highlights your personality and brings out the best in you. It is a collection for you to leave your traces with and to celebrate the inexplicable relationship of women, their love for lipsticks and the jewellery they adorn. 

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