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Faces of Born to Differ

February saw the launch of our collection Born to Differ – a collection of eccentric party jewellery with offbeat pieces that make a statement by the virtue of their design. These offbeat pieces of the collection could only be justified with offbeat faces to represent the collection. Introducing Merrylin Boro, Malkeet Singh and Esha Bahl. We did some chatting up with Merrylin Boro and Malkeet Singh to delve into their personalities and understand their take on the concept of collection and what it means to be different.

born to differ campaign

Merrylin Boro
Who is Merrylin Boro? Can you elaborate the #electricdreamer for us.
It’s a difficult question. I’m just a normal person and it’s hard to elaborate on that. #electricdreamer was just a fun thing and before I knew it, it just took over and people would call me that way and ask me what it is about. If I have to sum it up, I am a kind of dreamer. I dream about things, I dream about lives so that’s how it just came about.

merrylin boro in born to differ

Body image issues are a reality and probably one faces a lot of it in your field. Does it bother you? How do you deal with it?
It is a problem and an issue with everyone, I guess. Everybody struggles with body image. With me personally, I did and do struggle on everyday basis but it’s just loving yourself more every single day. You might have difficult days but try to look yourself in the mirror and appreciate your body and what it can do for you and just loving yourself at the end of the day.

Do you rely on jewellery to make a difference to your outfit? What are the pertinent rules you follow to style jewellery?
I don’t follow any rules in general so I guess it goes same for jewellery. It definitely makes up an outfit. If you are having an off day, then putting up jewellery and styling it up over a basic outfit can really make a huge difference.

merrylin boro jewelry

merrylin boro born to differ campaign

A mantra you follow for life
I don’t really have a mantra but I follow basic rules of life. Just be kind to everyone, be a genuine and honest person and be faithful to everyone around you.
Choose one –
Short hair or long hair?
Definitely short hair even though I’m growing my hair right now.

Earrings or Necklaces?

Homebound or Party Seeker?
Both! I can’t choose.

Bling or Understated?
Definitely understated.

One statement piece or stack of multiples?
Stack of multiples.

Malkeet Singh
What does Malkiyat mean?
Malkiyat is an arabic word that stands for wealth and that’s how my parents named me.

What does your work mean to you? What inspired you to choose the field of fashion?
My work is a disciplined motive to wake up everyday and prove myself for what I stand for, my talent, skills and everything. It’s almost like a prayer.

malkeet singh zariin

How does your personal style liberate you?
My personal style is more of a way for me to talk to whomsoever I meet in real life. It represents who I am, what I stand for and it’s my individuality.

How relevant is jewellery in your wardrobe?
Jewellery brings about a lot of personal touch. I like to wear a lot of jewellery. Some of my jewellery belongs to my mom, my dad and I love having those pieces around. It makes me feel safe and reminds me of them and just brings a lot of sweetness around me.

malkeet singh jewelry

Being different often comes with the challenge of acceptance. Your take on ‘Born to Differ’.
I think for everybody, it is an everyday struggle that people go through but if you accept and stand up for yourself for the right cause – you are ‘Born to Differ’!

6. Choose one –
Rings or Necklaces?
Definitely rings.

One statement piece or stack of multiples?
I would style a lot of rings together.Yes, please!

Homebound or Party Seeker?
As much as I love to party, I would also love to host people at my house, so I think both.

Bling or Understated?

Classic or Quirky?
Definitely classic. Nothing can get away with that.

malkeet singh personal style

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