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Beach Jewellery Styling Tips by Mamta & Vidhi

A few weeks back, Mamta and Vidhi made a WFH (read work-from-holiday) trip to Goa. Sometimes our day and work routines need a reset and changing the setting can make all the difference. Goa did just that for them. And while they were at it, they served us some easy beach looks which obviously integrated a good dose of Zariin. For beach holidays, one is understandably vary of styling and using your jewellery. It’s considered a faux pas however, owing to the flair that a jewellery piece can add to your outfit, it becomes inevitable for jewellery lovers like us to drop it from our looks. Jewellery has to be part of our style story – always! Mamta and Vidhi share a few good points on how to style jewellery when on a beach holiday and ladies, these come with some notable experience.

Keep it Simple!
Less is always more! Try sticking to smaller pieces, else you’re going to have crazy jewellery tan lines. Adding some jewellery can transform the simplest of swimwear or kaftans into a very cool beach outfit and we’d never miss out on that however, keep it simple, chic and don’t overload.

2. Take it Off! (when you need to)
You don’t really have to sign yourself up for tarnishing and wear and tear if you truly plan your way around. You don’t want to lose it in the waves or let the salt water spoil your favourite piece for you. So it’s always a good idea to take it off before you hit the water, carry zip locks to keep them safe in your bag. You probably are anyway going to do that for your other essentials like phone, keys etc. Include jewellery in that list. Also, wear things that are easy to take off.

3. Layering helps!
Layering gives you room to dress up or down. So you can always add a necklace to your basic pendants when you’re heading to your sundowner. Also, might we stress upon how cool the neck mess is at the beach!

4. Studs and Small Earrings are Your Best Friends
Avoid large earrings, the wind might cause your hair to get entangled in them. You can opt for stud earrings and small danglers which make easy wear at the beach and beyond.

5. Or Break the Rule – and go the Statement Way!
Because we know what a pair of statement earrings can do to the simplest of outfits. Opt for earrings that are bold, impactful but can be cleaned easily.

6. Hoops
We believe and have always relied on simple gold hoops to go from beach to dinner.

7. Pearls!
Pearls belong to the sea and we never shy away from flaunting ours on a beach. You can never go wrong with pearls at the beach. Again – going simple is the key.

8. Clean Up!
Do a basic wire down of your beach jewellery after every trip to the beach. Lodged sand, moisture to be tackled with a soft damp cloth and get to those crannies. Wipe the jewellery clean so it doesn’t corrode it. Also, come back to us, if you got some tarnishing because we five a lifetime re-plating for free.

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