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Zodiac Necklace Loving by Celebrities & Influencers

zariin zodiac necklace

Even if you aren’t an ardent believer, infusing some zodiac inspired jewellery into your daily dressing has been a trend that surfaced a couple of years back and is bigger than ever. A piece of zodiac jewellery comes with a strong personal connect giving a quick insight about who you are, your traits and beliefs often translating into your own personal style story. With Zariin’s stylish zodiac necklace, you can flaunt your stars and a bit of who you are. What’s more? The modern link necklace has been adored by some of our favourite celebrities and influencers. We take a look at their style story featuring the Linked necklaces for some fabulous inspiration.

Sakshi Sindwani

Content Creator, Sakshi Sindwani has been inspiring us with her confident approach to fashion and personal style. She styled the Libra Linked necklace with a fun feminine floral dress cinched at the waist with a smart black belt. The mini sleeveless jacket in black lends some layer and depth to her look. The zodiac necklace is the only piece of jewellery she adorns which adds to the free spirited feminine vibe of her look.

sakshi sindwani in zariin zodiac necklace

Sakshi Sindwani in Zariin’s Libra Necklace

libra necklace styled with florals

Sakshi Sindwani in Zariin’s Libra Necklace

Sanjana Sanghi

Actor, Sanjana Sanghi styles a basic black tee with statement jacket and a matching skirt by Ritu Kumar that adds a boho flair. The outfit is accessorised with Zariin’s Virgo Linked zodiac necklace, a simple belt and a watch keeping the look functional, effective and stylish. The look has been styled by Medha Bahuguna assisted by Jaishree Chabra and Haransh Kaur Saini.

sanjana sanghi in zariin zodiac necklace

Sanjana Sanghi in Virgo Linked Necklace

Sara Jane Dias

Keeping it as basic as it can be is Sara Jane Dias who styles the Linked Sagittarius necklace with a basic white tee. What we really love about the necklace is that it is slips seamlessly with most of your outfits however, casual or statement they are. Sara plays to this very strength of this necklace.

sara jane dias in sagittarius necklace

Sara Jane Dias in Sagittarius Linked Necklace

Shilpa Shetty

Actor, Shilpa Shetty gives her spin to the Linked Gemini zodiac necklace by styling it with a monochrome textured coord set and a black bra-let. She wears the necklace in its lariat avatar and finishes the look with soft make up and a messy pony tail keeping in synch with the casual vibe of the outfit.

shilpa shetty in gemini necklace

Shilpa Shetty in Gemini Linked Necklace

Swara Bhaskar

Swara Bhaskar’s approach to styling the Linked Aries necklace is a funky one which features a colourful neon coord set that includes a printed blazer and pants. The high neck layer works as the perfect canvas for the necklace and she wears her hair in a tight bun for a fuss free clean approach.

swara bhaskar in zodiac necklace

Swara Bhaskar in Aries Linked Necklace

aries lariat

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Styled by: @prifreebee,Make-Up: @kaushikanu,Hair: @lawangtamang95,Photographer: @kakkar.madhav,Stylist assistant: @nekitanarangg

Lisa Mishra

We have always been in awe of Lisa Mishra’s music and her nonchalant style. She teams the Linked Leo necklace with a printed Jodi House maxi dress which is knotted at the waist. The necklace sits perfectly with the neckline and she finishes the look with white sneakers and a watch to keep the look light and casual. The Jodi House and Zariin go a long way together and our relationship can be traced back to various shoots and events together. Lisa Mishra’s easy styling rekindles our love for the brand.

Lisa Mishra in zodiac necklace

Lisa Mishra in Leo Linked Necklace

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