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Mood Jewellery – Match your Bling to your Mood Swings

zariin jewellery for every mood

Our fast-track lives lead us to feel many things at once. We experience a vast range of moods, as we constantly transition from one emotion to another. What if we told you that we have the perfect companion for all your mood swings? Mood-based jewellery channels the energy of healing stones, birthstones, zodiac signs and motifs to cleanse your aura and make you feel more YOU. And here you thought, that all jewellery does is look gorgeous.

Zariin tells you how you can use some of our best-sellers to uplift your mood and capture positive energy.

Express yourself – The Charms Story 

A good outlet after experiencing emotions, is to express them. What could be more beautiful than expressing yourself through stunning gold-dipped mood jewellery that symbolises how you’re feeling?

‘The Charms Story’ is a collection that allows you to play with your jewellery and tell your own story through charms that you choose to wear. The best part is that you can add or reduce the number of charms based on your outfit and the occasion.

charms for every mood

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Discover yourself – Road Trip  

Go on a journey to discover your true self with our ‘Road Trip’ collection. Zariin brings you the perfect aesthetics for a colourful summer with the combination of baroque pearls, beads, dark crystals and our go-to 22kt gold dipped happy mood jewellery with this collection. It is fun, cheerful and completely unique and the perfect way for you to find yourself. Style the pieces from this collection to show the world, who you are.

happy vibrant necklaces

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 Heal yourself – Chakra

Align your chakras and activate your energy points with our collection of gemstone jewellery –  ‘Chakra’. In sync your mind, body and soul with the help of the healing properties of Chakras.  From ‘Art Of Balance’ Necklaces to Chakra Charms, you can make your choice, keeping in mind your problem areas. This collection is like carrying a piece of therapy with you, that too in style, for it can help you balance your moods and feel a sense of stability.

chakra healing collection

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Guard yourself – Protect

For the days when you feel vulnerable to the gaze of the world, you have our ‘Protect’ Collection to feel safe and secure. The main motifs of this collection are the Evil Eye and Hamsa – the Hand of Luck. Where one is said to ward off evil or ‘nazar’ – a well-believed notion in India, the other is a middle-eastern symbol that ensures that luck and good fortune are always on your side. The beautiful blue stone Lapis Lazuli is the hero of this collection. The designs are easy on the eyes and can successfully be worn regularly with your daily outfits. This is jewellery that makes you feel stronger, and that you never really need to take off.

evil eye guarding jewellery

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Celebrate yourself – Linked

Own who you are. Be confident of yourself and celebrate all elements of your personality with our ‘Linked’ collection. Give new meaning to your zodiac with the 12 necklaces in this collection. Our most hot-selling jewellery, with the patent Zariin gold-plated linked chains and bold designs for the symbols of your respective zodiacs is sure to make you feel like the queen you are. Have fun with styling these versatile pieces as per your moods and wear them the way you wish to.

celebrate yourself with zodiac necklaces

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