10 Different Types of Women Necklace to Up your Style Game

Necklaces are one of the most integral elements of jewellery to add to your outfits. Different types of necklaces impart different aesthetics to your outfits and have the power to completely transform the mood of what you are wearing. It’s important for you to know your necklace variety so you can choose the right fit with your outfit and nail your style game. There is a necklace for every kind of outfit and different necklines - you just have to choose right.

10 Different Types of Popular Women Necklaces

Here’s a list of various types of necklaces for you to choose from and give a stylish update to your outfit.

1. Pendant Necklaces

pendant necklaces

Necklaces where the designed portion hangs from the chain are called pendant necklaces. These can be of varied lengths and come in a lot of variety. The ease of wear and the variety available make these necklaces extremely popular. Pendant necklaces also make a great layering option.

Pendant necklaces further can be categorised into various types - gemstone necklaces, zodiac necklaces, locket necklaces, coin necklaces, initial necklaces and so on! There’s a large variety within pendant necklaces for you to choose from.

2. Lariats

lariat necklaces

The best part about lariat necklaces is their ability to sit well with various necklines because their closure is not definite. One end of the necklace is goes around the neck and can be fixed on any part of the chain to leave the remaining part fallen straight. A great necklace to wear with really low necklines or high necks. You can also wear them under the collar of your shirts for an interesting look.

3. Layered Necklaces

layered necklaces

Multistrand necklaces connected by a single point of closure. These are extremely stylish, impactful and pre layered taking away the worry of figuring out each layer yourself. The necklace always tends to make a strong statement and is one of the most necklace styles currently.

4. Link Necklaces

link necklaces

Chain link necklaces emphasise on the links of the chains that can be of various sizes or shapes. These can be minimal or statement owing to the character of the links. The necklace type scores high on ease of wear, can be styled with almost every outfit and are a classic. These have been trending in a big past few years with no signs of fading. The necklaces work well with breezy summer outfits and look equally good with winter knits.

5. Chokers

choker necklaces

Necklaces that sit snug around the base of the neck are called chokers. Chokers too come in different varieties, these can be simple and minimal or dramatic statement versions. The necklace style is hard to miss and ends up making a statement irrespective of the size of the necklace.You can layer these with longer necklaces to enhance the drama. These work with most necklines.

6. Locket Necklaces

locket necklaces

Meaningful pendant necklaces rooted in the vintage era, the locket pendant is designed in the way for you to insert a photo to a moment of your loved ones. Its a necklace you want to wear close to your heart. You can choose to layer with other necklaces to enhance your story telling.

7. Long Necklaces

long necklaces

Long and extremely versatile, these necklaces can be worn as is or doubled up for a layered look. Usually, these fall below the bust line. The versatility enables you to style these with your most casual or dressy outfits. This type of necklace almost works with most outfits and never goes out of style.

8. Statement Necklaces

statement necklaces

Necklaces that are designed to be the centre piece of your outfit are called statement necklaces. These take over your outfit and dress you up in an instant with a powerful style story. This type of necklace is a perfect option for occasion wear or when you want to upgrade your outfit to something dressy just with the help of your necklace.

9. Pearl Necklaces

The necklace is what the name suggests - pearls strung together to form a necklace. A classic and an elegant style of accessory, pearl necklaces always remain relevant in your wardrobe. The lady like necklace dresses up your outfit in the most sophisticated ways. It has a formal vibe to it and when styled right can also seep into your everyday outfits.

10. Charm Necklaces

If you are looking for a necklace that’s truly personal, then charm necklaces are exactly your type. The best part about this type of necklace is that you can add or subtract charms according to your outfit or your state of mind. You can choose from a myriad of charms to make a piece that’s unique and eclectic.
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