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Cocktail Rings for Women & Girls

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Lavish cocktail rings for an affluent look

The big cocktail rings have always been preferred by those who have an influential social circle. Also known as dinner rings or cluster rings, these rings made their place in the fashion world a few decades ago and now have made a comeback. The contemporary cocktail ring designs are more stylish and innovative than ever before. While choosing a designer cocktail ring from Zariin, you can come across some rings embellished with various birthstones that add class. Our latest cocktail ring designs are unique and you will certainly be in awe of them.

Behold our wide variety of cocktail rings

Zariin boasts of its team of esteemed designers who are pioneering an excellent collection of cocktail rings. Each of our cocktail ring designs is unique; therefore, suits women who want to stand out from the crowd. In fact, if you are fond of traditional designs, you may even choose from our antique cocktail rings, which totally look regal. You can find our cocktail rings online from the comfort of your home. So, let us peek into our collection of cocktail rings.

Healing cocktail ring:

Our healing cocktail rings are embellished with birthstones which can provide healing benefits. When you wear one such ring, it will make you look fashionable and sophisticated while also having a positive effect on you. While choosing a healing cocktail ring, you need to determine your birthstone which can be done based on your month of birth. You can find birthstones such as Amethyst, Citrine, Turquoise, etc. being used in our healing cocktail rings.

Zodiac cocktail ring:

While browsing our latest cocktail ring designs, you will also come across zodiac cocktail rings. You can choose a cocktail ring as per your zodiac sign as well as the design of the ring. These rings are also large-sized, staying true to the appeal of the cocktail rings. You can wear this type of cocktail ring at a brunch and even gift these to your loved ones.

Statement cocktail ring:

The womens cocktail rings we offer are perfect for creating a style statement. You can check out our open ring with striking filigree design and enamelled lotus motifs which are great for captivating people around you. The pearl drops just add to the beauty of this ring. This kind of ring can also be worn during the festivities for its striking designs.

Two-finger cocktail ring:

As the name suggests, this ring covers two fingers while the design remains the same. The two-finger cocktail rings are mostly embedded with pearl drops. This gold cocktail ring design is unmatched at attracting the admiration of people around you. You can pair this ring with a simple as well as a designer ethnic outfit. This cocktail ring is perfect for embracing your feminine charm.

You can buy our cocktail rings online without any challenges. These cocktail ring designs have exceptional design elements since these are the outcome of the imagination of our creative designers. You can either go for the latest cocktail ring designs or pick an antique cocktail ring, as it suits your taste. Something similar that you will find in all our cocktail rings is the use of pure brass and 22kt gold plating in them. We also offer a lifelong warranty on the gold plating on these rings as well as all other jewellery items at Zariin.

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Q: How do you differentiate a cocktail ring from the other types of rings?

Ans - A cocktail ring is extremely big compared to the other types of rings. You will mostly find a stone embellished in this type of ring in the centre.

Q: When do you wear a cocktail ring?

Ans - A cocktail ring can be worn on special occasions.

Q: Which finger is apt for wearing designer cocktail rings?

Ans - You can either wear designer cocktail rings on your ring finger or on the middle finger.

Q: What are the other names for a cocktail ring

Ans - The other names for cocktail rings are cluster rings or dinner rings.