Zariin finds muse in a romantic soul -- our ``Sea Princess`` who can be defined as someone who is experimental, non-traditional, dreamy and relaxed. She's inspired by nature, ethereal and carefree. Resonating with the spirit of the sea....sometimes wild, sometimes calm. Hero-ing the shells, the unconventional collection is a take on beach side celebration. The jewellery combines elements of the sea with certain romanticism and individuality. Refreshing take on otherwise typical wedding jewellery.


A Collection that is polished, sophisticated and extremely stylish! A re-inventive rendition of Zariin's iconic Classics- the label's debut collection that celebrates the raw beauty of uncut natural semi-precious stones. Classics Lite by Zariin captures the same aesthetics but takes a minimal route with downsized pieces of jewelry that spell delicate. Subtle jewelry is having a moment and these barely-there pieces are effortlessly chic!


Zariin Classics are just that - timeless and eternal. Classic inspired looks with a contemporary twist, our bestsellers surpass each season's trends. They don't just underline artisanal craftsmanship of transforming raw stones into sophisticated statement jewelry, but these also titillate every woman's fashion sensibilities.


We imagined a scene inspired by a typical evening in a nomadic camp on That desert where the gypsies unwind with folk music and dance. The ghunghroos in the collection capture the song and dance of the tribes. Native aesthetics and high-end quality for multi-aesthetic wardrobes. We pick various elements of indigenous jewellery and create it in brass and dip it in premium White Rhodium polish to make it last forever! Spelling funky, arty and earthen, ethnic jewellery remains ever so relevant.


Inspired by the wearer herself, Indus Roots is a fusion of aesthetics. The woman of now is well travelled, has an eye for detail and her experiences reflect in her personal style. She wills to go with the flow, takes risks with resolute and charm - the world is her oyster, yet she wears her identity with pride. Focused on the modern spin to age-old craft, the jewellery is a subtle mix of aesthetics with floral vines inspired by French toile and legacy of pearls, Impactful but not overbearing.


We are always on the lookout for ``Rock Solid`` jewellery when it comes to everyday options. The collection is not only inspired by its purpose but also the use of Zariin's iconic raw uncut gemstones in their organic state. These foundation pieces have been crafted using some of the most loved gemstones like Green Amethyst, Citrine, Smoky Topaz and Rose Quartz. A neutral palette of the collection and the gemstones enhances the versatility of the pieces. Dressed up or down, these ``Rock Solid`` pieces come with a promise of looking good every time and with every outfit.


While traditional styles have been done and dusted, live a modern dream with this refreshing delicate India inspired collection that marries the sophistication of gold filigree work with the opulence of pearls. Each piece is powerful enough to instantly transform the mood of your outfit and extremely light to wear! The jewellery is elaborate, detailed yet doesn't weigh you down. The mood of the collection is ultra-feminine, spells contemporary Indian but goes beyond by justifying global silhouettes.