An Evening in Jaipur Is a dreamy festive collection inspired by the resplendent architecture of the Pink City. With a colour palette of white, blush pink and gold, the collection reminds you of the floral and geometric architectural elements. Designed for the Modem indie woman of now, dressing up is an for her and makes the best of both worlds.


Designed for the Swarovski Confluence. Each piece of the collection has been crafted keeping in mind the accessorizing needs for wedding celebrations - befitting brides or the entourage. The aesthetics of the jewellery justify the occasion and the name of the collection. The label blends the magical moods of Zariin’s Iconic filigree aesthetics with Swarovski Elements crystal


While traditional styles have been done and dusted, live a modern dream with this refreshing delicate India inspired collection that marries the sophistication of gold filigree work with the opulence of pearls. Each piece is powerful enough to instantly transform the mood of your outfit and extremely light to wear! The jewellery is elaborate, detailed yet doesn't weigh you down. The mood of the collection is ultra-feminine, spells contemporary Indian but goes beyond by justifying global silhouettes.


The cascades of pearls are dreamlike and weave a feminine magic. The collection is powerful enough to instantly transform the mood of your outfit to wow! The delicate filigree motifs make the highlight of the striking collection that is accentuated with uncut natural stones and tiny bits of pearls. Exotic, one of a kind and absolute head turners the collection is pure indulgence with the exuberant headpieces, draping necklaces and ethereal earrings.


Zariin finds muse in a romantic soul -- our ``Sea Princess`` who can be defined as someone who is experimental, non-traditional, dreamy and relaxed. She's inspired by nature, ethereal and carefree. Resonating with the spirit of the sea....sometimes wild, sometimes calm. Hero-ing the shells, the unconventional collection is a take on beach side celebration. The jewellery combines elements of the sea with certain romanticism and individuality. Refreshing take on otherwise typical wedding jewellery.

Wedding Edit

In keeping with the grandeur of Indian weddings, Zariin crafts a collection that takes a modern approach to accessorizing . The young Indian bride is a very active participant in her wedding planning and trousseau shopping. Brides will look to buy key pieces for their trousseau that t hey can keep bringing back to life on other occasions too. Therefore we bring forth, impressionable pieces of wearable art to make an occasion feel like one yet conscious in its approach.