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Chain Bracelet for Women & Girls

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Trendy chain bracelets from Zariin for a contemporary look

Among all jewelry, the ornaments worn on our hands have a special significance. From a sign of prosperity to a symbol of protection, many functions are associated with hand accessories. However, not all accessories and jewelry are compatible with all attires. Those fond of wearing Western outfits can choose chain bracelets that look gorgeous with those dresses. You can pair up your hand chain bracelet both with formal as well as casual outfits since these jewelry pieces are very versatile. Depending on the chain bracelet design, you can choose an accessory for your hands that makes you truly stand out from the crowd. Chain bracelets also make great gift options, especially for women and girls.

Various types of chain bracelets to choose from

While you are looking for gold chain bracelets, you can browse through women's and men's chain bracelets available at Zariin. Each chain bracelet you find at our online store is made of pure brass; therefore, you can be very sure of its durability. There are also numerous designs to pick the perfect bracelet that reflects your sense of style. Let us now explore the types of chain bracelets that you can consider adding to your jewelry collection.

Healing gemstone chain bracelets:

These are some of the most unique types of bracelets which are also colorful since they are embellished with many kinds of healing gemstones. Some of the healing stones that are usually embedded in these bracelets are Amethyst, Moonstone, Bloodstone, Tiger Eye, Blue Lapis, Mother of Pearl, and Turquoise. You can wear this kind of chain bracelet for women on various occasions and it can even be paired with traditional, semi-ethnic, or Western outfits.

Evil eye chain bracelets:

Evil eye's symbol goes beyond just a matter of belief and has become a fashion statement, of late. If you too want to have protection from bad vibes, you can choose an evil eye chain bracelet, that will also work as a piece of fashion jewelry. Along with the evil eye motif, you can find blue as well as light blue cubic zircons used to ornate the chain bracelet. 

Chain clasping band bracelets:

A chain clasping band bracelet is a truly unique kind of bracelet and can be paired easily with any outfit. This is a classy piece of chain bracelet for girls that comes with a simple design and can be worn regularly or even on special occasions. The front arm will have the band part of the bracelet, while the chain hanging at the end will be on the other side.

Party chain bracelets:

If you are looking for chain type bracelet that you can wear at the upcoming party, then you are surely going to find some of the best designs here. One of the best party chain bracelets is the “Ways of the Heart Bracelet” in which you can find a three-dimensional heart-shaped drop. 

Everyday chain bracelets:

Women who want comfortable yet fashionable jewelry will find everyday chain bracelets appealing. The delicate designs with symbols like the trinity, and hamsa hand, ornated with stones such as Blue Lapis and Labradorite make these bracelets much sought-after. You can get as many as you need according to the color of your outfit.

Our chain bracelets come in adjustable sizes, and many of them can be worn by both men and women. These are made of brass and dipped in 22kt gold plating. The gold plating comes with a lifetime warranty by Zariin, which gives you complete peace of mind. Find the right bracelet that can adorn your hands and become the perfect companion to your stunning outfits.

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Q: Can gold chain bracelets be worn by both men and women?

Ans - Yes, gold chain bracelets can be worn by both men and women. However, the designs of the chain bracelets may vary.

Q: Where can I wear a chain bracelet?

Ans - A chain bracelet can be worn anywhere and every day. However, the ones that you wear regularly can be of minimalistic design.

Q: Which hand is best to wear a chain bracelet

Ans - Since most people wear a watch on the left hand, it is best to wear a chain bracelet on the right hand.