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Mangalsutra Jewellery for Women & Girls

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Iconic mangalsutra to transform you into a style diva

A mangalsutra is a neck jewelry that is worn by married Indian women, especially in the northern belt. According to Hindu customs, when a woman gets married her husband puts a mangalsutra around her neck. She must continue wearing the piece of jewelry as long as her husband is alive. A mangalsutra is usually made of gold in which black beads are sewn. Apart from the traditional mangalsutra, you can find many latest mangalsutra designs that you can go for. From a simple mangalsutra to a fancy gold mangalsutra, you can come across many types of women's mangalsutra. For regular use, you can also choose daily wear mangalsutra which comes with a minimalistic design and is comfortable to wear 24X7.

What are the various types of mangalsutra online?

With time, many things have changed, even the jewelry. The mangalsutras worn by Indian women a decade ago are not the same anymore. These days, modern women have developed their unique fashion sense with the influence of various design trends. Mangalsutras are not only worn around necks now but are also used as bracelets. If you too wear your jewelry pieces as you please, then you must sneak peek into our huge collection of fancy mangalsutras.

Mangalsutra necklace:

With a mangalsutra necklace, you can find a fine balance between following fashion and stay rooted in the Indian tradition. Our latest mangalsutra necklaces are perfect for wearing every day. These are usually short in size and have a chic design; thus, can be worn with almost all types of outfits and even to work. You can find black onyx and white zircons being used in one such mangalsutra necklace, creating a striking contrast.

Mangalsutra bracelet:

Fashionistas who love trying new jewelry pieces and designs every now and then must opt for a mangalsutra bracelet. The design of the piece is similar to a mangalsutra necklace but you have to wear it on your hand. The bracelet is adjustable; therefore, no matter what your wrist size is, you can choose it without a doubt.

Mangalsutra gift box:

If you are looking for the latest mangalsutra design as a gift for someone, then you can pick a gift box that consists of a mangalsutra necklace and a mangalsutra bracelet. This can make an excellent gift option, especially if you want to give it to your wife on your wedding anniversary.

Our mangalsutra jewelry pieces are made of pure brass and then these are dipped in 22kt gold plating. You will get a lifetime warranty on gold plating at Zariin. Therefore, even if you find the sheen of your mangalsutra fading away, you can get it restored by contacting Zariin.

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Q: Who can wear a mangalsutra?

Ans - A mangalsutra can be worn by a married woman.

Q: Can I wear a mangalsutra bracelet every day?

Ans - Yes, you can wear a mangalsutra bracelet every day, just like you can wear a mangalsutra necklace regularly.

Q: Who can gift a mangalsutra set to a married woman?

Ans - It is best if the husband gifts a mangalsutra set to his wife.

Q: What should be the ideal length of a mangalsutra?

Ans - The ideal length of a mangalsutra should be 25-30 inches.