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Maang Tikka for Women & Girls

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Maang tikka is an occasion specific jewellery that is usually adorned during a celebratory event, pujas or weddings. It is in the form of a pendant that drops from a chain and is placed on the centre parting of your head such that the pendant drops on your forehead.It is a popular piece of jewellery with the brides as it instantly brigtens up your face and gets you all dressed up.

Gorgeous maang tikkas for perfect bridal and ethnic attire

Just like stunning Indian wedding attires, Indian wedding jewelry equally stands out. While we talk about Indian wedding jewellery, how can one miss out on the charming maang tikkas. Historically, maang tikka has been an integral part of Indian weddings and remains one of the most sought-after pieces of bridal jewellery. Women from some communities in the country wear maang tikkas on a daily basis. 

Latest maang tikka designs for women and girls

Indian weddings place a lot of emphasis on the bridal jewellery, and maang tikka plays an important role here. Our unique maang tikka designs are sure to woo the hearts of brides all over the country. The wedding jewelry collection including maang tikka online are expertly crafted to get the finesse befitting sophisticated events. The bride’s glamour is sure to blossom by pairing the bridal wear with Zariin’s maang tikkas in gold .

Find a huge array of maang tikka jewellery at Zariin

On your special day, you would want all eyes on you, and the right maang tikka can make it happen. Zariin understands that you may want a special bridal maang tikka; and hence, brings a wide variety of matha pattis and maang tikkas to match your taste. Spare some time to take a look at the various types of maang tikkas offered at Zariin.

Antique maang tikkas:

If you are fond of historical romances, then an antique maang tikka set is definitely worth exploring. The traditional or antique wedding maang tikkas look perfect with almost all sorts of Indian wedding attires. You can match the design of the maang tikka with the outfit you plan to wear for the event. These maang tikka designs are best paired with traditional sarees and lehengas.

Pearl maang tikkas:

The collection of our pearl maang tikka is simply captivating. These exquisite pearl maang tikkas will make you look graceful. Since there are various types of pearl maang tikkas with different sizes, you can choose the one that suits the shape of your face the best. For something simple yet elegant in pearl, you can try our Delicate Touch Maang Tikka. 

Stone embedded maang tikkas:

Our dazzling stone-embedded maang tikkas for girls have unique designs. Going beyond weddings, they are a perfect accessory for other events where you may want to dress in ethnic. Our stone-embedded maang tikkas are ornamented with precious stones such as Citrine, Pearl, and many more.

Statement maang tikkas:

For the head turner in you, our statement maang tikkas are absolutely essential. This range of maang tikkas includes ones in filigree designs, enameled lotus motifs, and many others. Match one with your ethnic attire and you will certainly get a lot of attention. 

Minimal maang tikkas:

Nothing can beat the appeal of simplicity. Those who prefer uncomplicated designs can choose from our minimal maang tikkas. With delicate and minimalistic designs, these maang tikkas bring out sophistication and suit almost all makeup and hairdo.

The designs and durability of our maang tikkas are unparalleled. The 22kt gold plating of our maang tikkas makes them look absolutely regal and magnificent. Made of pure brass, you can pick these jewelry pieces with a lifetime warranty on gold plating. Get started by browsing through our wide collection of wedding maang tikkas and perfect that ethnic look.


  1. Make sure you style your hair in a way that the maang tikka falls nicely. Use a centre parting to make it sit. You may choose to leave your hair open, tie it in a low bun, braids or ponytail. 
  2. Once you adorn a maang tikka, you can balance your look with earrings, choker necklace or a stack of bangles. 
  3. If you are a bride to be, then adorn your maang tikka with a paasa or wear an elaborate math Patti to dress you up as a bride. 
  4. Always consider the size of the maang tikka according to your forehead. If you have an oval shaped face, tear drop or rectangular maang tikka will work well with you, small maang tikkas work well with square shaped face and for rectangular face a big, round maang teak will look nice. 


CHAAND: This maang tikka is in the shape of a crescent moon and will be dressed up with drops of stones or pearls. A popular maang tikka that looks really good. The size may vary so you can pick any that works for your face shape, occasion and outfit. This maang tikka is great option for girls. 

OVERSIZED: A larger than life, really big maang tikka that instantly dresses you up to make a strong statement. Depending on whether you are a bride or not, you may choose to finish your look simpler pieces of jewellery. A bride of course will choose more elaborate pieces to achieve the bridal look.

BORLA: A borla is a traditional maang tikka which finds its origination in Rajasthan. It’s a circular dome like drop which is dressed up with enamel, stones, Kundan and pearls. You can opt for it when you are wearing a very traditional outfit. 

PAASA: Paasa is type of mane tikka adorned by the Muslim brides. It is placed on one side of the head and may be paired with the maang tikka even on the centre of the head. It’s an accessory that can be uses to enhance the focus on your head and face. 

MAATHA PATTI: Maatha patti is an elaborate maang tikka where the pendant portion is accompanied with chains or strips which are placed along with your hairline. It looks very elaborate and dressy and therefore. Is a great option for brides.


  • Occasion - Maang tikkas are an occasion specific accessory. Therefore, one must pick the accessory according to the occasion.
  • Size - The size of the maang tikka also depends on the outfit and your face shape. Always try it to see how ti falls on your face. 
  • Material and Price - Since the accessory is not used on every day basis, you can invest in different materials and not necessarily gold because of limited wear and it will also not pinch your pocket. 
  • Versatile - When choosing a maang tikka as a bride, you can keep it mind the use of the accessory beyond the wedding and choose a piece that may be used by you for other events later.


  • 22kt Gold Plated - Zariin’s maang tikkas are plated with 22kt gold which enhances the look of the product, looks elegant and works wonderfully when you are looking for a substitute for gold. 
  • Designs and Versatility - Our in-house designers work on creating a wide variety so there’s something for everyone - Maatha Patti for brides, simple or statement maang tikkas for bridesmaids. These can also be worn by you during festivals. It’s a range that ensures there is something for everyone. 
  • Hand made All of Zariin’s products are skilfully handcrafted by our gifted artisans to create pieces of jewellery that bring you joy.
  • Lifetime Warranty. On Plating So that you cherish your maang tikka for a long time and don’t worry about it losing it’s sheen, we offer a lifetime warranty on plating. We will replate it for you free of cost and no questions asked. Not only will the jewellery last you a lifetime but can be passed down to the next generation as well. 

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Q: What is maang tikka jewellery?

Ans - A maang tikka is a type of head jewellery that is worn on the forehead.

Q: Which type of maang tikka is the best?

Ans - mIt totally depends on the shape of your face. For example, women who have rectangular-shaped faces should wear a maang tikka with a round shape. And so on!

Q: Which maang tikka is the best for a round face?

Ans - Those with a round face should choose a teardrop-shaped motif.

Q: How do I choose a maang tikka?

Ans - Before you choose a maang tikka, you need to be aware of the shape of your face. You also need to be sure of the kind of ethnic attire you are going to wear and of course the colour of the outfit.

Q: Does maang tikka look good with a saree?

Ans - Yes, a maang tikka surely looks good with a saree. However, if the work of the saree is heavy, you should opt for a light-work maang tikka.