Jewellery has a history of exploitation and dire poverty, but Zariin has always tried to focus on the other narrative that is about empowering communities, about keeping handcraft alive and most importantly lucrative. Zariin pays a fair wage to the artisans making the jewelry. The Founders visit Jaipur often, where the jewelry is made, and run programs for the skill development for the artisans to upgrade their skill sets and upgrade their working environment. The brand contributes actively to different not for profit organisations, such as SOS Children’s Villages of India. Being a women run organisation, with primarily women in its work force, Zariin advocates through example, women entrepreneurship and strength of women in work force. 

The impact of Covid- 19 has put the world on hold and that has initiated a change that was waiting to happen. A change that we believe will drive the fashion conscious to conscious fashion. It is time to stop and reflect. Rebuild and reimagine. Repair and redefine. Reflect and renegotiate. Now is when we need to tap our creativities and channelize it to the direction the forces of the Earth are guiding us to – Sustainability. However, it is imperative to understand that sustainability is not a mere marketing tool or a product, but a way of life.

Responsible Consumption

However, on an ongoing basis, at Zariin we strive to be responsible about our environment. We encourage our customers to rewear and hold on to their jewelry for as long as they can, and to that effect we offer lifetime warranty on our gold plating. All our jewelry is handmade, which means it can be repaired and fixed, and we work with our customers to extend the life of their favourite jewels by repairing as needed.