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Photo Locket Pendant Necklaces

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Photo lockets are essentially like pendants which hold pictures of your favourite memory or of special people whom you would like to keep close to your heart. These are truly a personal form of jewellery and incredibly meaningful. The pendants usually hang from a chain or as a charm from the bracelet. These make great gifting options.

Photo Locket Pendants and Necklaces Online for Women & Girls, India

Looking for a unique and meaningful way to keep your loved ones close to your heart? A photo locket pendant might be just what you need! Zariin collection of photo lockets includes a variety of styles and designs to suit any taste.

Discover our Stunning Collection of Photo Locket Pendants

Our photo locket pendants come in a range of materials, including sterling silver, gold, and rose gold, so you can choose the perfect one to match your style. These lockets are perfect for holding a cherished photo or keepsake, making them a great gift for yourself or someone special.

Keep Your Loved Ones Close with Our Heart Photo Lockets

Heart photo lockets are a popular choice, featuring a classic heart shape and space for a cherished photo inside. These lockets are a timeless way to keep your loved ones close to your heart and are a perfect gift for a loved one or friend.

Preserve Your Memories with Our Beautiful Photo Frame Lockets

If you're looking for something a little more unique, our photo frame lockets might be just what you need. These lockets can hold multiple pictures and make a great gift for moms, grandmothers, or anyone who loves to keep their loved ones close.

Shop Zariin Stylish Photo Locket Necklaces Today

Our photo locket necklaces come with a chain included, making them a convenient and stylish accessory. These lockets are perfect for everyday wear and are a great way to keep your loved ones close to your heart wherever you go.

Buy the Best Photo Locket Pendant in India - Find Your Perfect Match at Zariin

At our store in India, we offer a wide range of photo locket pendants to suit your needs. Our collection features unique designs and styles that cater to every taste and preference. So, whether you're looking for a heart photo locket or a photo frame locket, we have it all.

All of our photo lockets are carefully crafted and made to last, so you can enjoy your cherished memories for years to come. Browse our collection today and find the perfect photo locket pendant to keep your loved ones close to your heart.


Photo lockets are truly special and a cherished form of jewellery which one may choose to wear every day. They fall as pendants and can be styled just like any other pendant necklace by wearing individually or layering it with other necklaces. We share a few tips on how these can be used creatively - 

  • Personal notes from your loved ones. Words of love to always keep close and feel special.
  • An important date like birthday, anniversary or any other special date.
  • Hand or foot print of your little one.
  • Pictures of your pets as reminders of the unconditional love they provide. 
  • A short list of any goals that you may like to accomplish. Let the photo locket work as reminders of those goals.
  • A lace or a cutting from your wedding dress.
  • Pictures with your family, husband, children or parents.
  • Quotes or religious symbol to instils peace and calm to your every day moments.


Trace the frame of the locket to get an idea of the size and cut the picture of any other element that you are planning to use using scissors and slide the picture in it by using the mechanism provided.


There are some key factors that you may consider when buying a photo locket for yourself - 

  • Material - The photo locket will be cherished for a long time so it makes sense to invest in gold, silver or gold plated locket necklace. 
  • Size - Choose a size that will work comfortably with you.
  • Protection - Make sure the mechanism provides good enough protection to the pictures.


Photo lockets are truly sentimental and can be worn when you are away from your loved ones or dressing up for a special occasion with them. They also make wonderful gifting options with a lot of sentimental and meaningful pictures. These can be worn everyday or on special occasions when you want to add a meaningful touch to your outfit. 


  • 22kt Gold Plated Zariin’s photo lockets are plated with 22kt gold. It enables you to wear your special piece of jewellery everyday. 
  • Lifetime Warranty on Plating We offer lifetime warranty on plating which enables you to wear your cherished piece of jewellery everyday without any worry. When it loses it lustre, we’ll replate it for you free of cost, no questions asked. 
  • Variety: Zariin has photo lockets in different shapes and designs to choose from.
  • Handcrafted: All our photo lockets are handcrafted by our gifted artisans who translate our vision into wearable jewelry. 

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