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Long Necklaces for Women & Girls

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Enchanting long necklaces for a suave look 

Long necklaces have been a cornerstone of jewellery design since times unknown. The beauty and grace of long necklaces have been truly unmatched and it finds its place in the collection of countless royalty. Long necklaces compliment the dresses with a deep neckline exceptionally well, however, you can also pair it with a high neckline outfit. Our long necklaces for women are trendy and remain in vogue year after year.

Exquisite long necklace designs at Zariin

You can find some of the most elegant long necklace designs at our online jewellery store, Zariin. We take pride in our fantastic collection of gold-plated long necklaces with absolutely gorgeous finishes. If you want a long necklace for a saree, choose an enamelled long necklace, and to match a western attire, you can opt for a long necklace embedded with birthstones.

Types of long necklaces available at Zariin

The varied long necklace designs mean that you can pick and choose the one that captures your imagination perfectly.

Birthstone long necklace:

Whether you believe in the concept of birthstones or not, you are surely going to love our collection of birthstone long necklace designs due to the sheer beauty of it. With the latest long necklace designs, these necklaces add beauty to your neck and emphasize the neckline of your outfit even more. Some of the stones that you will find in our birthstone long necklaces are Citrine, Smoky Topaz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Green Amethyst, Green Chalcedony, and Turquoise. You can use this type of neckpiece as a traditional long necklace as well.

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Thread of lotus necklace:

For a long pearl necklace set with a unique design and regal look, you must consider our thread of lotus necklace. Along with pearl drops, you can find enamelled lotus motifs in this necklace giving it an aura befitting royalty. This is certainly the perfect long necklace for a saree due to its traditional appeal. This necklace is also an apt example of a minimal yet classy necklace.

Lotus globe long necklace:

This can be chosen as a bridal long gold necklace. The design of this necklace is unique and the filigree work in the round beads make it exclusive. You can even find pink, yellow, green, or white enamel on the beads. This necklace is meant for ethnic outfits. 

Layered long necklace:

A long necklace set can transform it into a layered necklace, but for a stylish look, you can also opt for a long layered necklace from us. You can create a statement with your long layered necklace and pair it with many different outfits.

Long pendant necklace:

This type of necklace comes with a pendant attached to it which enhances its beauty. The pendant can either be of baroque pearl or gold-plated brass. The length of this kind of necklace is around 19 inches. A long pendant necklace can even be used as every day jewellery piece for those having an affinity for this design.

If you want to check out our entire collection of long necklace designs, you can browse through our online store. You can choose from our varied designs and even have a quick glance at our other 22kt gold-plated brass jewelry items that can be paired with these necklaces. We offer a lifetime warranty on gold plating. So, all that you need to do is to spare some time and spend it coming across our stunning collection of long necklaces.

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Q: What should be the ideal size of a long necklace?

Ans - The size of a long necklace depends a lot on the height of the wearer. For example, if the height of a woman is 5’4’’, the size of her long necklace should be between 18 and 20 inches.

Q: What are the other names for a long necklace?

Ans - Long necklaces are also called ropes or lariat necklaces.

Q: Which outfit goes well with a long necklace?

Ans - Outfits like sarees, tops, blouses, tank tops, etc. go well with a long necklace.

Q: Where can I buy a long necklace from?

Ans - You can buy the best long necklaces from Zariin. At Zariin, you can come across various types of long necklaces such as pearl long necklaces, pendant long necklaces, birthstone long necklaces, layered long necklaces, etc.