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Personalised Chakra Jewellery

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Sync your chakras with seven chakra stone jewelry

As per Eastern spirituality, our body has an energy body that overlaps our physical bodies. Just like our physical body, this energy body also needs nourishing and cleansing. That is where chakras or energy nodes play a special part. There are seven chakras in the body, which help our physical body and our aura to be in sync. The easiest way to maintain the right balance between the chakras is by wearing a seven-chakra stone jewelry piece. There are various types of seven chakra stones jewelry and you can choose any to wear, as per your taste.

What are the various seven chakra stones jewelry?

When you browse through the Zariin online store, you will discover several types of seven chakra stones jewelry. Apart from the common seven chakra bracelets, you can also find earrings, rings, and necklaces as well. Our jewelry pieces embedded with seven chakra crystals are also gorgeous, and you can flaunt these in style. Each jewelry piece has intricate designs and delicately set gemstones that help you stay in vogue. Want to know the types of personalized chakra jewelry that we deal in? Well, keep reading!

Chakra Bracelets:

These bracelets are made of seven chakra crystals, Amethyst, Mother of Pearl, Bloodstone, Blue Lapis, Moonstone, Tiger Eye, and Turquoise.

7 Chakra Bracelet Benefits

These crystals help in aligning the balance of energy within the chakras in the body. These bracelets can be matched with everyday dressing, and you can effortlessly pair them with a variety of attires. You can also check out the chakra charm bracelets that are studded with healing stones. Wearing these bracelets, you will definitely notice positive changes within yourself.


Just like the bracelets, seven chakra stones are also used in the personalized chakra necklaces that you can find at Zariin. The seven chakra crystals are used in these necklaces; however, what sets them apart is the number of outstanding designs. You can find a variety of personalized chakra necklaces at Zariin, such as lariat necklaces, layered necklaces, seven chakra pendant necklaces, linked necklaces, etc. For those who prefer a Bohemian style, these necklaces will surely add to the look with the uncut stones.


If you are looking for personalized chakra rings, you will be impressed with the collection of open rings that come with stones such as Tiger Eye and Amethyst. This kind of ring is trending now and the best part is that you can adjust it according to the size of your finger. While some of these rings are perfectly suited to wear every day, many can also make for a great signature piece owing to the bold design.


The earrings embedded with seven chakra crystals are usually a bit bigger in size. These are perfect to be used as statement earrings. Along with being a style statement, you can also take care of your chakras with them. The earrings are available in various designs like hoop earrings, thread earrings, statement earrings, and many more.

Zariin takes pride in having the most stylish collection of personalized chakra jewelry that serves its purpose while letting the wearer follow the recent trend.  Apart from the excellent quality of seven chakra crystals, Zariin uses pure brass to make the jewelry pieces. Therefore, any concerns about the durability of the pieces are well taken care of. The jewelry pieces are also 22kt gold plated, and you can even avail of a lifelong warranty on the gold plating of the jewelry. So, if you want some chakra jewelry to attract positivity to your life, the Zariin catalog is the right place to start your search.

Channel Positivity with Designer Chakra Jewellery for Women

Our chakras are the energy centers of our bodies and they enable energy to flow freely throughout. Chakra jewellery can help in balancing and healing our energies in a way that enhances our well-being.

Zariin presents to you a wide variety of women chakra jewellery online that adds a personal style to all your looks. Our one-of-a-kind charms are designed to add positivity and zeal to your aura. Buy chakra jewellery online in India from Zariin for an affordable and exquisite range of women chakra jewelry online.

Style Yourself With Beautiful Women Chakra Jewellery Online By Zariin

Designer chakra jewellery for women is versatile and the chakra-specific stones add a minimalistic tinge of colour to your outfit. Zariin offers you beautiful charm necklaces and bracelets that are subtle and elegant and ensure that you exude style wherever you go.

Our carefully created multipurpose charms can be added to bracelets and necklaces according to the occasion and your outfit. We believe that chakras are an important part of our lifestyle and we aspire to bring you a variety of choices when you are looking for designer chakra jewellery for girls online. Enjoy Premium Quality While Online Chakra Jewellery Shopping

Chakra jewellery is meant to be worn frequently. Zariin focuses on the quality of jewellery to make it everlasting for your daily needs. Our 22kt gold-plated accessories ensure that jewellery is wearable throughout years and occasions. We are happy to offer free re-plating of all our pieces.

Our stones in charms are so long lasting that they feel like an eternal investment and the combination of gold-plated and stone make our chakra jewellery for girls your lifelong companions.

Add A Personal Touch To Your Gifts With Designer Chakra Jewellery For Girls Online

Trendy girls chakra jewellery can be one of the most intimate gifts to shower upon your loved ones. They are a symbol of affection, love and abundance. You can choose specific stones for particular people; a solar plexus chakra charm for confidence and transformation or a sacral chakra charm for enhancing creativity and well-being.

The linked bracelet also makes a lovely gift in which people can attach charms and makes a stylish statement. Zariin offers you an array of designer chakra jewellery for girls online that are sure to look great when worn by your loved ones.

Fulfill Your Online Chakra Jewellery Shopping Needs From Anywhere

Our women chakra jewellery online designs are inspired by the global woman, who is forward-thinking but closely rooted to her culture. Zariin wants to cater to women everywhere and presently has 200 stores in 21 countries including India, Singapore, Japan, USA, UK, Canada, Australia among many others.

We believe that jewellery makes women feel special and helps them express themselves. Zariin provides the perfect combination of affordability and quality whis is why you can trust us when shopping for designer chakra jewellery for women online.

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Q: Why should you wear a seven-chakra bracelet?

Ans - You should wear a seven-chakra bracelet to promote well-being and balance in your life. By wearing a seven-chakra bracelet, you can get both physical as well as emotional benefits.

Q: Who can wear a seven-chakra bracelet?

Ans - A seven-chakra bracelet can be worn by anyone, irrespective of gender and age range.

Q: How often should you wear a seven-chakra bracelet?

Ans - You can wear a seven-chakra bracelet every day to get various benefits.