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Hair Jewelry for Women & Girls

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Hair Jewelry Accessories for Women & Girls - Stunning hair accessories and jewelry to make a bold style statement

When we dress up for an occasion, whether it is an outing, a social event, or a festival, we pay special attention to pairing our outfits with the perfect necklace, bracelet, rings, and earrings. Seldom do we consider the ideal hair accessories, which play an equal role in completing our gorgeous look. The right hair accessories for women can easily elevate your appearance and make your hair look stunning. You can get some of the most stylish and bold hair accessories online, at Zariin.

Style up yourself the best with our collection of hair accessories

We appreciate how our lovely ladies are fond of hair accessories. This is why we come up with a wide variety of the latest hair accessories for women of all age groups. What makes our hair accessories for girls stand out are the unique designs, which are imagined by our in-house designers. Our head ornaments are dipped in 22kt gold; hence, you will find all the hair accessories in a rich finish. Let us explore the types of hair accessories for women you can spot at our online store.

Maang Tikka:

Maang tikkas take the hot seat at every Indian wedding. Whether you are attending someone else’s wedding or happen to be the bride-to-be, maang tikkas are worn by everyone. If you are planning your wedding attire, you must take a look at our gorgeous collection of bridal hair accessories. You will certainly be in awe of every wedding hair accessories piece we have at our online store.

Matha Patti:

Matha pattis have been opted for by mostly brides for ages due to the elegant and traditional look. However, the ones we offer are apt even for the other attendees at the wedding. Matha patti is one of the Indian bridal hair accessories that you cannot miss out on. Our graceful matha pattis are embellished with green cz, pearl, and many more stones.

Bobby Pins:

Our luxurious pair of gold-plated bobby pins are the perfect signature accessory for weddings and parties. Our hair pin accessories are studded with pearls and pink zircons. These hair accessories for girls can be used on regular days as well.

U Clip:

When you are confused about the hairdo you should go for, you can choose to have a hair bun. This is the simplest and the most elegant hairstyle you can choose to get. And when you have a hair bun, our stunning u clips can enhance the hairstyle. Our u clips are adorned with pearls and zircons. This is one of the hair accessories clips that you will never regret using.


If you want a dramatic look at a wedding or a party, a paasa is a must. Our range of wedding hair accessories comes with many unique designs. Some of them have intricate filigree details, while others are adorned with several types of stones. 

Hair Clips & Pins:

While you are looking for minimalist headpiece jewelry for everyday use, you can have a glance at our hair accessories clips which are available in a wide variety. Although most of our hair accessories are to be paired with ethnic attires, you can match some of them with your favourite western outfits as well.

The unique look and sheen of our hair accessories for women are possible with their gold plating. You can rest assured while buying these hair accessories online that they have a flawless finish and superb quality. They are durable and you can also avail the lifetime warranty on the gold plating, offered on all Zariin creations.

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Q: What are some examples of hair accessories

Ans - Some of the best examples of hair accessories are maang tikkas, paasa, matha patti, bobby pins, etc.

Q: What is a hairpin also called?

Ans - A hairpin is also called a bobby pin. One such pin is mostly made of metal and comes with two flexible prongs.

Q: Why do we use hair accessories for?

Ans - Hair accessories are used for enhancing a hairstyle. There are hair accessories for women with all lengths of hair.

Q: What kind of hair accessories do not damage hair?

Ans - Hair accessories for girls that do not damage hair are bobby pins, u clips, paasa, matha patti, etc.