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Layered Necklace for Women & Girls

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Stunning layered necklace for a chic look

Since their introduction a few years ago, layered necklaces have constantly risen in popularity. The multi-layered necklaces have appeal for everyone. While teenagers can choose 2 layer necklaces, grownup women can go for three-layer necklaces. The best part of a layered necklace is that it can accentuate the neckline of your outfit. The deeper the neckline, the better your layered necklace set gets highlighted. The layered necklaces are also a great choice for social events and pairing with work casuals.

Shimmer with our trendy layered necklaces

Want to wear something fashionable yet minimal? Our multi-layer necklace might just be the right choice. The delicate designs of multi-layered necklaces make them a great choice for simple dresses. Those blessed with long slender necks often find wearing layered necklaces highlights their features well. You can also determine the number of layers of your necklace based on the neckline of your dress. Let us sneak a peek into our wide collection of layered chain necklaces that you can choose from.

Stoned layered necklace:

Our stone-layered necklaces are great for catching eyeballs thanks to their standout design. The healing gemstones embedded in these stoned layered necklaces not only help in boosting your aura but also make these pieces appealing. You can choose this type of layered chain necklace as per your birthstone and they also make great gifts.

Three-layered necklace:

The three layer necklaces look perfect on women going for a matured and refined look. These necklaces also go well with outfits with a plunging neckline. The multiple layers of this necklace highlight your features without seeming excessively gaudy. Our elegant three-layered necklaces are even ornamented with precious stones such as Rose Quartz, White Quartz, Amethyst, and many more.

Two-layered necklace:

Younger girls and those with shorter necks can pair up two layered necklaces well with their modern outfits. The double layer necklaces go well with dresses with shorter necklines and is a great choice for pairing with Kurtis. They are also great accompaniments for sarees with a modern touch.

Moon and Star motifs layered necklace:

The simple design of these moon and star motifs layered necklaces is a delight to wear. The distinctive design of these layered necklaces makes them stand out despite their simple appeal. Some of these necklaces also have stones embedded in them. The moon and star motifs trendy layered necklaces can be worn on an everyday basis, and you can comfortably flaunt them at your workplace as well.

Pearl layered necklace:

If sophistication defines you, then our pearl multi layer necklaces are meant for you. These are usually opted for ethnic attires but you can also match this necklace with a western outfit. As you look for pearl layered necklaces at Zariin, you can also come across evil eye layered necklaces, which create a fashion statement and also work like a protector for you against all negative energies.

Each of the layered necklaces at Zariin is made of pure brass and is 22kt gold plated. You can also avail of a lifetime warranty on gold plating on all the jewelry items offered at our online store. We provide free shipping across the country and you can receive your order within three days of purchase.

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Q: What are the other names for layered necklaces

Ans - A layered necklace is also called a neck mess or a neckline stack.

Q: Where can I buy gold-plated designer necklaces online in India?

Ans - For gold-plated designer necklaces, you browse through the exquisite collection at Zariin. You will be impressed by the latest trendy designs of the necklaces at our online store.

Q: Is layering necklace in trend in 2023?

Ans - Layered necklaces have been in trend for a long time. These days, women of all age groups wear necklaces with various types of outfits.

Q: What is a multi-chain necklace?

Ans - A multi-layered chain necklace contains more than one chain.

Q: Can I wear a layered necklace with a saree?

Ans - Yes, you can. To look your best, you can choose a pearl-layered necklace or one with birthstones.

Q: What are some of the popular jewellery categories we can find on Zariin online store?

Ans - At Zariin, you can find the latest designs of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, hair accessories, ethnic jewellery, contemporary jewellery, gifting solutions, jewellery sets, and more.