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Statement Necklaces for Women & Girls

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Be the talk of the town with Zariin’s statement necklaces

Necklaces are significant jewellery pieces that have been adorned by women for ages. Even the most stunning outfit can be made more appealing by pairing it with the right necklace, elevating your overall look. The most gorgeous and iconic necklaces that exist are called statement necklaces. What makes a statement necklace set so special, is that it speaks volumes about the personal style and refined taste of its wearer. Given a wide variety of statement necklaces online, you can choose a piece that appeals to your personality and helps you make a bold statement. 

Accentuate your beauty with our statement necklaces

A statement necklace compliments its wearer and seems almost custom-made for them. As we all have different physiques, and that is why it is important to choose a statement necklace set that compliments our neck. Another thing to be considered is that your statement jewelry should not just elevate but also transform your look. That is why buying a statement necklace online requires thoughtful consideration and research.

To acquaint yourself with the various types of statement necklaces, you can visit Zariin’s online store from the comfort of your home. We offer several types of statement necklaces that have been designed in-house by our talented and imaginative designers. Each of the designs has a distinct style and you can pick one that appeals and compliments your looks.

Pearl statement necklace:

If you seek a statement necklace with a saree, then our pearl statement necklace will surely allure you. The charming pearl necklace is perfect to be paired with both western and ethnic outfits and can be worn at events during the day as well as at night hours. There are also statement necklaces with larger pearls, while others have small pearls delicately embedded in a striking array.

Long statement necklace:

Deep-neck dresses have their own enchanting appeal, don’t they? Well, when you don a deep-neck dress, make sure you couple it with a long statement necklace. You can find several designs of long statement necklaces at our online store and select one that is suitable for the occasion and goes well with your appearance.

Birthstone statement necklace:

Do you believe in the power and influence of birthstone? Then our statement choker necklace which is ornamented with birthstones will surely catch your attention. Apart from chokers, you can find necklaces embedded with birthstones in several other designs as well.

Statement necklace with filigree design:

The filigree design is synonymous with grace. The intricate design exudes an old-world charm but remains relevant even today. The precious stones of the necklaces are ornamented in delicate filigree designs, which makes them stand out.

Delicate pendant statement necklace:

If you are looking for a simple necklace, yet want to create a style statement, you should check out our delicate pendant statement necklaces online. These are best paired with western attire but you can even try them with kurta dresses making them perfect everyday wear. The stars and moons motifs are perfect for girls.

While each of our statement necklaces is made of brass, they get their shine because of the 22kt gold plating. We provide a lifetime warranty on the gold plating in the jewelry, so you may rest assured about the lasting sheen. Sit at peace and browse through our amazing and one-of-a-kind statement necklaces collection. Book the ones that caught your attention and we will send them to your address within three days.

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Q: What does a statement necklace mean?

Ans - Statement necklaces are bold pieces which become focal points of look. These necklaces stand out and direct all attention to the piece and therefore on you. True to their name, these help you create a style statement and entire ensemble around the necklace.

Q: Where can I buy a unique statement necklace?

Ans - For a unique statement necklace, you can any day browse through the exquisite collection at Zariin. You will be impressed by the design of the necklaces at our online store.

Q: Who should wear a choker necklace?

Ans - A choker necklace best suits women who have long and slender necks. Women with short necks should choose thin choker necklaces.

Q: How do you wear statement jewelry?

Ans - To wear a statement necklace, you should be careful about the neckline. The deeper your neckline is, the more highlighted your statement necklace will be.