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Matha Patti for Women & Girls

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Matha Patti is essentially a bridal head jewellery element which comprises of a maang tikka along with a band or chains that cover your forehead or your head like a head band all the way to the sides. It is a statement making piece of jewellery and looks great and really compliments heavy ethnic wear like a lehenga or a saree. The accessory is most popular with the brides but can also be adorned by bridesmaids or other wedding guests. 

Glam up your ethnic look with stunning matha pattis

Indian brides have an image associated with them of being the epitome of beauty and grace. We expect to see them all donned up from head to toe with the finest fabrics and accessories. On their wedding day, many brides wear stunning traditional jewelry. Matha patti is one such piece of jewelry that gives the signature bridal look. A matha patti is a bridal headgear that a woman wears on her head like a hair band. It is usually embellished with gemstones, pearls, or ornate enamel finish motifs.

What are the several types of matha pattis?

Matha patti jewellery at Zariin comes in various designs, most of which are unique as they are designed in-house by creative experts. Considering the rest of your makeup as well as your outfit, you may want to go for a simple matha patti design or choose one with heavy work. While choosing a matha patti design, you also need to think of the hairstyle you are going to opt for. So, before you finalize your matha patti online, let us first explore our designs at our store.

Matha patti with enamel finish:

If you are wearing a colorful outfit, you can go for a matha patti that comes with an enamel finish. You need to choose the color by your dress as you would want it to compliment the rest of your attire and jewelry. If you are the bride, you can choose a dulhan matha patti with heavy and detailed work having a filigree design and even small pearl drops.

Pearl matha patti:

A pearl matha patti looks simply gorgeous. If you are especially wearing a light-colored outfit, you can choose to wear a pearl matha patti. Even if you are not wearing bridal attire, you can still wear a pearl matha patti since it goes well with most of the outfits. 

Matha patti with mirror polki:

Those who want to have a minimalistic look should opt for a matha patti with mirror polki. A matha patti with mirror polki that you find at Zariin has intricate detailed workmanship and comes with floral motifs. This can be worn by the brides or even those attending a wedding. You can even style it with a maang tikka. This is one of the simplest matha pattis that you can wear even during the festivities, apart from weddings.

While you are picking these headgear, you need to be sure of the matha patti hairstyles. Some of the designs go well with a bun, while for others, you can have open hairdos. The matha pattis you come across at Zariin are all made of brass and then they are dipped in 22kt gold plating from which they get their unmatched sheen. The shine will remain the same since you will get a lifetime warranty on the gold plating. You can place an order for as many hair accessories as you want, and they will reach you within just three days.



The key to getting your look right always lies in balancing your look. Make sure the jewellery is well balance d with your outfit and is well balanced with the other pieces of jewellery that you choose to wear. Always decide what element do you want to make the hero of your outfit and accordingly choose your pieces. So in this case, if you want the math Patti to be the main focus then choose simpler necklaces or bangles and if you want the necklace to be the hero element then choose a more delicate or simple mathapatti. 

Face Shape and Size

Choose the Matha Patti according to your face size and shape since the accessory brings all the attention to your face. If you have a small face, pick a more delicate, single strand mathapatti that doesn’t overwhelm your features. For a big face, one can opt for multi strand or oversized maths Patti that highlights all your features. 


One of the key factors in deciding your look for maang tikkas is your hairstyle. Choose whether you would like to wear your hair in a simple sleek bun, elaborate braided bun or leave your hair open. Based on your hairstyle you want, you can choose the mathapatti that goes with the look. 



Make sure the accessory is sitting well on your head, isn’t too heavy for you and is comfortable to wear. 


Mathapatti is an occasion specific accessory and that too for weddings as a bride. So choose the metal and stones that you would like to adorn on those days according to your personal preference and outfit. 


As mentioned above, a mathapatti may be a one time wear so invest in it wisely and according to your budget. 

Face Shape and Hairstyle

Always factor in your face shape and the hairstyle you would opt for to pick the right mathapatti for yourself.


22kt gold plated 

Zariin’s mathapattis are plated with 22kt gold. It imparts a lovely hue to the jewellery piece and makes it look as good as gold for your special day without comprising on the look. A gold plated jewellery piece is perfect option for such occasion specific jewellery elements like the mathapatti which may not be worn as often once the wedding day is over. 


Our range of matthapattis have covered something for everyone - there’s something elaborate to something that is absolutely delicate for you to choose from. 


All of our mathapattis are handcrafted by our artisans who use their gifted craft to create pieces of impeccable quality. 

Lifetime Warranty on Plating 

The best part about Zariin’s gold plated jewellery is that it comes with a lifetime warranty on plating. So if you ever find your Zariin jewel losing its lustre, you can get replaced with us free of cost and no questions asked to make your piece look as good as new. 

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Q: What is a matha patti?

Ans - A matha patti is a hair accessory or headgear that is more like a band on the forehead. It is mostly worn by the brides at their weddings. Matha pattis are usually embellished with stones and pearl drops.

Q: What is the origin of matha patti?

Ans - Matha patti originated from India. It is a traditional Indian hair accessory that women wear during special occasions. 

Q: How is matha patti different from a maang tikka?

Ans - Matha patti is like a strap or band that covers the forehead horizontally, while a maang tikka is placed vertically. The pendant of a maang tikka rests on the temple of the face.