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Choker Necklace for Women & Girls

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Elegant choker necklaces for a gorgeous you

A choker necklace is a must-have piece of jewellery for everyone who appreciates intricate craftsmanship and bold designs. The jewelry has been worn by women for a long time now, yet it remains in vogue. The women’s choker necklaces are a true amalgamation of traditional and contemporary designs. The heavy choker necklaces are great when paired with short ornate earrings. The choker necklace sets are also a great choice if you need other jewellery matching the choker design. Zariin choker necklaces have bold and attractive designs which make them a sure head-turner.

Delve deeper into our collection of choker necklaces

Our range of choker necklaces includes designs suiting every occasion. Whether you want something light or heavy, you will be able to buy every kind of girls choker necklace at our online store. These choker necklace sets have been designed in-house by our very talented team making them exclusive to Zariin. From intricate filigree designs to bold modern party pieces, you can come across various choker necklace designs at Zariin. Let us explore the various types of choker necklaces that we offer to our invaluable clients.

Traditional choker necklaces:

If you are seeking a traditional choker necklace online, you will be amazed by the pieces at Zariin. You can find a dazzling choker necklace for a saree that elevates the entire ensemble. Our traditional choker necklaces online are available in various attractive designs. While some are embedded with green onyx, green CZ, and pearl beads, others are embellished with large pearls.

Choker necklace with precious stones:

Precious stones, also called birthstones look aesthetically pleasing and help you create a personal style statement. They look even better when adorned on choker necklaces. Our stone choker necklaces can also be a great accessory to your office wear. You can add them to your everyday jewellery, thanks to their hassle-free and minimalist design. If you are heading for an outing right after wrapping up your day at the office, a stone choker necklace can be the perfect choice.

Pearl choker necklaces:

When we imagine a bridal choker necklace, our thoughts gravitate towards ornamented chokers with lots of stones. To take a refreshing break, you can choose a pearl choker necklace for the occasion and create a distinct look. Even if you intend to wear attire with light work on them, a pearl choker necklace will look absolutely sophisticated.

Party choker necklaces:

Are you heading to a party in a beautiful dress with a plunging neckline, but feel confused about the neckpiece you should choose? A  gold choker necklace from our online store might be the perfect match for it. You can opt for the Party Era Necklace with a glossy finish. It is a simple choker necklace but is apt for a party. To highlight the necklace better, you can choose to wear a monochromatic dress. It’s a bold party choker necklace that draws all attention to you.

Choker necklace set:

If you want a simple choker necklace for a lehenga, you can undoubtedly go for a choker necklace set. Paired with the perfect earrings or bracelets, this choker necklace is a great choice for special occasions. Our choker necklace sets are also available with combos of matching earrings or bangles. The choker necklace design perfectly matches the earrings or bangle bracelets to create a ready-to-wear gorgeous choker necklace set.

Apart from these, you can come across various other gold choker necklace designs at our online store. Starting from a captivating Kundan choker necklace to an exquisite beaded choker necklace, you can buy a wide variety of choker necklaces at Zariin. The sheen of these choker necklaces is everlasting since they are dipped in 22kt gold plating. Along with the spectacular chokers, you will also get a lifelong warranty on the gold plating.

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Q: Which face shape does a choker necklace, not suit?

Ans - A choker necklace does not suit a round-shaped face. Also, if you have a short neck size, it is better to avoid a choker necklace.

Q: Can I pair a choker set with a saree?

Ans - Yes, you can wear a choker set with a saree. However, you need to ensure that it has a traditional design. You can choose a pearl choker necklace or a Kundan choker necklace to pair with a saree or lehenga.

Q: When should I wear a gold choker necklace?

Ans - It is best to wear a gold choker necklace after sunset. The metallic shine will be at its best during or after dusk hours.