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Soul of the Ram Aries Necklace

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Designer Zodiac Sign Jewellery For Women and Girls Online

Zariin Brings You Designer Zodiac Sign Jewellery For Women Inspired By You

Our zodiac signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces) make us unique and special in our own way. You can now choose women’s zodiac jewellery online in India and make it a part of your style, with Zariin. We promote self-expression with jewellery that helps you tell your tale wherever you go.

Our stylish horoscope collection offers gorgeous 22kt gold-plated necklaces based on zodiac signs that are wearable in multiple ways and versatile. They are designed for you to flaunt your individuality and own who you are, while you make a fashion statement. Zariin offers you a limited but quality collection to browse through to buy horoscope necklaces online in India.

Celebrate Who You Are With Women’s Zodiac/Horoscope Jewellery – Pendants & Necklaces

Our zodiac signs reveal a part of our identity to the world. We believe that you should celebrate yourself fashionably and with class. Our trendy zodiac pendant necklaces are created while keeping versatility at the heart of the design to make all your outfits glamorous. They are created for women of all ages so anyone and everyone can wear them and on any occasion.

Our exquisitely handcrafted designer zodiac sign pendant necklaces for women and girls are for those confident ladies who are proud of who they are and want to wear jewellery that is expressive and as charismatic as them.

What We Have in Zariin’s Zodiac/Horoscope Jewellery Collection

Zodiac Sign Necklaces:

Zariin have a collection of 22kt gold dipped/plated Zodiac Sign Necklaces –  

1. Zodiac Sign Aries Necklace

2. Zodiac Sign Taurus Necklace

3. Zodiac Sign Gemini Necklace

4. Zodiac Sign Cancer Necklace

5. Zodiac Sign Leo Necklace

6. Zodiac Sign Virgo Necklace

7. Zodiac Sign Libra Necklace

8. Zodiac Sign Scorpio Necklace

9. Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Necklace

10. Zodiac Sign Capricorn Necklace

11. Zodiac Sign Aquarius Necklace

12. Zodiac Sign Pisces Necklace

Birth Month Necklaces and Jewellery:

Zariin have a collection of 22kt gold dipped/plated Birth-month Necklaces – 

1. January Birthstone Necklace With Garnet

2. February Birthstone Necklace With Amethyst

3. March Birthstone Necklace With Blue Chalcedony

4. April Birthstone Necklace With CZ

5. May Birthstone Necklace With Emerald

6. June Birthstone Necklace With Pearl

7. July Birthstone Necklace With Ruby

8. August Birthstone Necklace With Peridot

9. September Birthstone Necklace With Sapphire

10. October Birthstone Necklace With Pink Tourmaline

11. November Birthstone Necklace With Citrine

12. December Birthstone Necklace With Blue Topaz

Birth Stone Necklaces and Jewellery:

Zariin have a collection of 22kt gold dipped/plated Birth-Stone Necklaces – 

1. Aries Zodiac Stone Necklace

2. Taurus Zodiac Stone Necklace

3. Gemini Zodiac Stone Necklace

4. Cancer Zodiac Stone Necklace

5. Leo Zodiac Stone Necklace

6. Virgo Zodiac Stone Necklace

7. Libra Zodiac Stone Necklace

8. Scorpio Zodiac Stone Necklace

9. Sagittarius Zodiac Stone Necklace

10. Capricorn Zodiac Stone Necklace

11. Aquarius Zodiac Stone Necklace

12. Pisces Zodiac Stone Necklace

Select Artisanal Zodiac Sign Necklaces For Women and Girls Online in India

Zariin brings you designer zodiac sign necklaces for girls of two unique kinds.

Our layered double stone necklaces are perfectly minimal with a healing zodiac stone for the particular sign to add elegance to your look. They can compliment any outfit that you wear, whether it’s modern or ethnic. The stone is placed to harness your strengths and enhance your confidence.

Zariin’s linked pendants and necklaces are bold and beautiful and can transform any casual look into a contemporary one. They can be styled in three ways to upgrade any outfit and make you stand out at any event. They are our best-selling pieces.

At Zariin, we wish to create a personalized and thoughtful online zodiac jewellery shopping experience for women who want jewellery that uplifts and represents them.

Gift Your Loved Ones Trendy Zodiac Necklaces From Zariin

Gifts matter because they are an expression of your love and affection. At Zariin, we wish to make gift-shopping a heartfelt and elegant gesture. Our designer zodiac sign jewellery for women make for a tasteful and intimate gift.

We have created necklaces that are minimal and sophisticated to suit the taste of women everywhere. Our Zodiac necklaces are known to make the receiver exceptionally happy as they make the gift more personalised than ever.

Shop For Women’s Horoscope/Zodiac Jewellery Online With Zariin

We ship worldwide and our 200 stores across the globe help us cater to customers in 21 countries including United States (Austin, Texas, Chicago, Las Vegas, Germantown, Seattle, Denver, Houston, San Francisco, New York, San Diego, Milton, Michigan, Oakland, Tampa, Greenwich, Brooklyn, Washington), United Kingdom (UK – London, Oxford, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Castle ford, Leicester, Rodborough, Manchester), Canada, Singapore, Australia, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Japan (Tokyo, Osaka) and there is worldwide shipping.

Zodiac Jewellery is the trend of the season and one which is less likely to go out of style. We want women all across the world to be able to shop our limited edition zodiac necklaces. The quality and versatility of our pieces makes us the perfect place to shop for designer zodiac sign necklaces for girls.


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