Exquisite Jewellery to Pair with your Nauvari Saree

Exquisite Jewellery to Pair with your Nauvari Saree

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Nauvari sarees have become symbolic of festivities such as Ganesh Chaturthi and Janmashtami which are celebrated with much rigor in Maharashtra. These are important cornerstones of Marathi culture and anyone anywhere can feel the festive air by draping the iconic Nauvari saree and stylized jewellery that looks great with it. Picking the right jewelry to match with your nauvari saree will help you achieve the iconic look. In this blog, we discuss the various nauvari saree jewellery that you must consider adding to your jewelry wardrobe.

What is a nauvari saree?

A nauvari saree is a beautiful West-Indian drape that is the pride of Marathi cultural heritage. Flipping through the pages of history, we can find Marathi royalty wearing this saree. Also called, Lugade or Kaastha Sari, a nauvari saree is a nine-yard piece of cloth, which mostly comes in vibrant colors, and is worn by Marathi women. When we mention nauvari saree, we mostly mean the draping style, which is quite similar to wearing a dhoti.

Jewelry to match your nauvari saree

In India, you can find saree being worn by women of various states. Almost every state has its own specialty of saree and style of draping. One of the most important parts of wearing a saree is picking the right jewelry for a complete look. Especially when wearing a nauvari saree, you must go for the apt jewelry pieces as it plays an important part in the look. So, let us talk about the various types of jewelry you can opt for to match your perfect nauvari saree look.

A mix of necklaces

long necklace

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choker necklace with nauveri saree

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delicate pearl necklace with nauveri saree

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smart choker with nauveri saree

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For the right nauvari saree look with jewellery, you must choose a necklace that matches well with your saree. Marathi women prefer wearing multiple necklaces with their nauvari saree. Therefore, for the exact Marathi look, you can choose a choker or a short necklace along with a long necklace. If you are going for a necklace that is studded with precious stones, make sure the rest of the necklace also has a similar design. Similarly, if one of the necklaces has an enamel finish, the other necklaces also should have the same finish.

Traditional earrings

chaand baalis with nauveri sarees

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oversized studs with nauveri sarees

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jhumkas with nauveri sarees

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chaand bali and necklace set with nauveri saree

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You can either choose to get a nauvari saree jewellery set or separately buy traditional earrings. However, the color of the earrings should be in tandem with the rest of the jewelry pieces that you wear. You can choose from various types of earrings such as studs, chandbalis, jhumkas, etc. Whichever earrings you pick, make sure it is gorgeous and have elaborate designs.

Bangles to beautify your hands

pearl and filigree bangle with nauveri saree

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multistrand pearl bracelet

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filigree bangle with nauveri saree

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pearl and stone studded bangle

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Leaving your hands bare is a complete no-no when you are planning to drape a nauvari saree. Also, you must wear thick bangles along with a set of glass bangles. This will help you get a traditional Marathi look. Bangles are one of the nauvari saree jewellery pieces that you certainly cannot miss out on. The heavier the work it has, the better it will look. Since nauvari sarees mostly come in darker shades, you can choose bangles that are dipped in 22kt gold plating and embellished with precious gemstones.

Rings for a complete nauvari saree look

enamel statement ring with nauveri saree

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enamel lotus ring with nauveri saree

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statement ring with nauveri saree

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green stone studded ring

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Have you ever seen a Marathi lady wearing a kaastha saree without those stunning rings? We are assuming the answer is “no”. A ring is not only about ornamenting your fingers but it also enhances your overall look. While wearing a kaastha saree and jewelry pieces that have heavy workmanship, you should choose big rings. Also, the ring should have detailed designs and have more than one color stone or enamel finish in it.

While you pick this nauvari saree jewellery, you need to ensure wearing a Peshwai nath, without which your look will not be complete. Also, do not forget to choose the right hair accessories and put flowers on your hair and for the final touch, a crescent-shaped bindi on your forehead. To choose all these jewelry pieces, you can take a look at Zariin’s online store and explore the options. All Zariin jewelry comes with a lifetime guarantee on plating so that you can recreate this beautiful look several times in the years to come.

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