Why is gold auspicious for Dhanteras?

Why is gold auspicious for Dhanteras?

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Dhanteras is a very important Hindu festival that marks the beginning of the five-day Diwali celebration. One of the central aspects of this auspicious day is the purchase of gold. But do we know why gold is considered so lucky if bought particularly on Dhanteras? Well, to know this, let us discuss the reasons behind this age-old custom.

  • Prosperity and wealth: Gold has always been a symbol of affluence and financial well-being. On Dhanteras, people purchase gold in the belief that it will invite wealth and prosperity into their homes. It is an investment in not just metal but in the promise of a prosperous future. However, you must check the gold price in Dhanteras before investing in it.
  • Blessings of Goddess Lakshmi: Goddess Lakshmi, who is considered the deity of wealth and prosperity in Hinduism, is worshipped on this day. Gold is associated with the Goddess and is believed to attract her blessings. As you buy gold on the day of Dhanteras, you can hope to secure the favor of Goddess Lakshmi and ensure a year filled with riches.
  • Investment and security: Gold is often seen as a secure investment. By purchasing gold on Dhanteras, you will not only honor tradition but also secure your financial future. Gold serves as a safety net in times of financial uncertainty.
  • Gift of love: Gifting gold on Dhanteras is a gesture of love and affection. A piece of jewelry for the spouse symbolizes the bond and commitment between the couple.
  • A good omen for future investment: It is believed that when you buy gold on Dhanteras, it brings good luck and ensures a positive outcome. It is favorable for future investments and financial ventures.

Now that we know the significance of gold on this particular day, are you ready to buy gold jewelry this Dhanteras 2023? If your answer is yes, here we are with some suggestions for gold and gold-plated jewelry for you.

Dhanteras earrings

gold earrings for dhanteras

Shop the Earrings

Blending classic and contemporary elements impeccably, these hoop earrings feature an appealing mix of raw organic patterns and natural textures. These earrings can go well with a  variety of ensembles. The only thing to be careful of while choosing these earrings is that you have to be sure of your face shape to wear hoops. If you have an oval face shape, hoops are apt for you.

Dhanteras bangles

dhanteras bangles

Shop the Bangle

If you want your Dhanteras 2023 jewelry to be a mix of gold and pearl, then Zariin’s Wine of Gold Bangle is unbeatable. The filigree design and small pearls make this bangle outstanding. This is a versatile piece that can be worn with a saree as well as a suit.

Dhanteras necklaces

necklaces for dhanteras

Shop the Necklace

The best kind of necklace that you can buy on Dhanteras is one that you can pair with various outfits and at any time of the day. One such necklace is the ‘Look at Me Choker’ that you can find at Zariin. This choker suits almost everyone and can be worn on several occasions, from Diwali to any formal party.

Dhanteras rings

rings for dhanteras

Shop the Ring

This gold-plated ring, regally studded with pearls is something every woman wants in her jewelry wardrobe. While you are on a jewelry shopping spree this Dhanteras 2023, make sure you buy it. During the festive season, this versatile piece gracefully adorns your attire, and it seamlessly transitions to become the perfect companion for weddings too. Anticipate a shower of admiration coming your way, ensuring your treasure trove of compliments is brimming.

Wrapping it up!

Gold's auspiciousness on Dhanteras is a beautiful amalgamation of tradition, spirituality, and symbolism. It is not just about owning a piece of precious metal; it is about inviting prosperity, celebrating culture, and basking in the radiance of an age-old tradition. As Dhanteras 2023 approaches, may the gleam of gold light up your life and bring you boundless blessings.

So, when the auspicious time arrives on November 10, 2023, make sure to bring home a piece of gold, and let the glow of prosperity and tradition fill your heart and home. If you are considering buying your Dhanteras 2023 jewelry from Zariin, you would be glad to come across many gold jewelry pieces for men as well. The gold sheen on Zariin jewelry comes from the 22kt gold plating. So, wait no more and start exploring Zariin’s online store right away. Happy Dhanteras!

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