Ways to Protect your Gold Plated Jewellery

Ways to Protect your Gold Plated Jewellery

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Easy Tips to Protect Gold Plated Jewellery

Jewelry is an investment – of your time, energy and money. We’ve all spent a bit of these to get the right pieces that fit your personality and personal style. However, taking care of your jewelry is equally imperative to make your pieces not only last longer but looking good for a lifetime. And if done right, not only will your pieces serve you for a lifetime but can also become the most cherished hand me downs.

Jewelry demands a certain bit of after care and if you do it right, you’ll have your favourite pieces last you through your sartorial journey. However, one is often left wondering how to truly care for your gold plated jewellery, protect it from tarnishing or clean it after every wear. In this blog post, we decode a few jewelry care tips that help you manage your jewelry better, some quick fixes to maintain the sheen and storage ideas for your gold plated jewellery.

Wipe your Jewellery

Every jewellery piece is subjected to certain unavoidable factors when you wear it, however careful you are with your pieces. These maybe subjected to touch, your sweat, lotion or a spray of your favourite pieces. Wiping your jewels dry and cleaning after wearing them with a soft cotton cloth will definitely enhance the longevity of the gold plating. This also ensures a certain level of hygiene. Avoid soaking the jewellery in water to clean it as moisture is the last thing you need for your gold plated pieces.

Once you are done wiping make sure you keep the jewellery in an air tight container. If your pieces have any kind of stain on them, then wipe them with amr water if you really must and quickly dry it up with a soft cotton cloth.

Proper Storage

Make it a point to always store your jewellery after use in a cloth pouch or an air tight box. It takes a little bit of effort to maintain the sheen of your gold dipped jewellery after a party or a long day but goes a long way to ensure that you don’t lose any piece and protect it from moisture or other external factors.

You can also think out of the box and use old cushions to store your earrings, straws to keep your necklaces detangled or use tablet boxes to keep it all neatly segmented. Avoid storing your gold plated jewellery in display racks as the moisture or strong light can often tarnish them.

You can also use silica gel pouches to keep the pieces fresh and the storage box moisture free. Zip lock pouches are a great storage option to keep your pieces protected if you are travelling and you want to avoid bulky storage for your gold plated jewellery.

Avoid Ocean Water

Gold plated jewellery is best kept dry.Take off your gold dplated pieces when showering or swimming. Water is corroding in nature and ocean water or pool water is even more harsher. As much as you would you want to flaunt your beach style by wearing your favourite pieces to the beach, gold plated jewellery will definitely tarnish in this situation.

Wearing gold plated jewellery in such circumstances is best avoided. But if you really do want be prepared to replate your gold jewellery.

Avoid Leaving Jewellery in Sunlight

Wear your jewels to your satisfaction but leaving your pieces out in the sun will subject the pieces to dullness - not only the plating but even the colour of the gemstones can fade away if left out in the sun for too long. Never leave your pieces out in the sun to dry.

The only exposure you should subject your gold plated jewellery to is when you are wearing the pieces. Your favourite jewelry pieces are more than just great accessorising options – they often are souvenirs of fabulous memories as well. This makes it imperative for you to take care of the pieces. After all some of these pieces may be hand me down from your grand mom, your mother’s gift on your wedding or special something from your beau. You don’t want any of these pieces to look less valuable when they may mean the world to you.

Invest some time in these jewellery care tips and your favourite jewels will always feel good with the right amount of shine for you to flaunt.


Even after taking all the care, if your Zariin jewels tarnish, you can always avail our warranty and send across your favourite Zariin jewels for re-plating, free of cost and no questions asked.
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