Birthstone Jewelry and Gifting Guide for Pisces

Birthstone Jewelry and Gifting Guide for Pisces

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The Sun is finally in the final and the 12th zodiac - the Pisces. It transits the area of the Pisces from 19th February to 20th March. The symbol of the Pisces zodiac is Fish and the ruling element is Water. Our zodiacs are an interesting way to get an insight about a person’s natural character and elements. It can often reveal a lot about you and even help one understand themselves or the other person better. As we are in the Pisces season currently, we’ll decode all the traits of a person born under this zodiac, birthstones and gifting options for Pisceans in this blog.

pisces traits and characteristics


Traits of a person born under Pisces

Pisces are known to be creative, imaginative, emotionally connected, generous and kind. These are some of the most distinct traits of a Pisces that reflect in the various spheres of their lives. They tend to get over emotional but are also known to be true romantics. They make great listeners. Overall, they are one of the easiest signs to get along with because of there natural tendencies bestowed on them courtesy their zodiac sign.

Birthstone of Pisces

Gemstones related to the Pisces sign are Aquamarine, Amethyst or Labradorite. One of the most significant stones for Pisces is Labradorite. It is the stone of transformation and is a useful companion through change. It imparts strength, balances and protects the aura, strengthens intuition, banishes fear and stimulates imagination. The stone is believed to work well for Pisces.

What are the best gifting options for Pisces?

Pisces are known to be romantics so they’d definitely love thoughtful, personalised gifts that show extra care. Here are some great gifting options for Pisces -

Double Stone Necklace

pisces gemstone necklace

The double stone necklace embedded with gemstones like Labradorite that work particularly well for the Pisces zodiac sign makes a unique and a thoughtful gift. The minimal necklace can easily be adorned everyday and looks really good with your dresses and shirts. A great option for someone who likes minimal jewellery while you reap the benefits of the gemstones.

Pisces Candle

pisces candle

Zariin’s Pisces zodiac candle comes with Madagascar Long fragrance and is embedded with Labradorite. A perfect candle to bring you all the self love, tranquility and slown moments to your life. The gemstone enhances your intuition and keep all the negative vibes away.

Pisces Necklace

pisces necklace

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A stylish link necklace with an enamelled medallion that includes the symbol of the Pisces - the Fish. The fashion forward, handcrafted necklace is a great expressive gift which can also be personalised with the initials of the individual’s name on request. The necklace is dipped in 22kt gold plating which also comes with a lifetime warranty for the love and the sheen to last forever. It’s a gift that will always be cherished.

Pisces Zodiac Ring

pisces zodiac ring

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If the Pisces person in your life is more of a ring person then the zodiac rings with Pisces motif on them makes a fab gifting option. The rings are unisex and therefore, they can be cherished by both men and women. A perfect everyday accessory that is plated with 22kt gold.

Essential Oil Roll On

pisces essential oil roll on

The Pisces essential oil roll on is a great gift of comfort. The scent stays for a long time and enables one to feel relaxed and calm all day. Embedded with the Labradorite gemstone to infuse its goodness into the oil.

Apart from the above mentioned options, you can also consider curated gift box that consists of two necklaces like the Pisces zodiac necklace and the associated element of Water necklace. These gifting choices are tailor made for the Pisces in your life and will truly make them feel special.

 pisces gift box

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