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Audacious - A Party Wear Jewellery Collection

Audacious is a 22kt gold plated, bold party jewellery collection that is really BOLD.

Pompous, all gold tonal jewels that are an interplay of textures and shapes. The jewellery punctuates the strongest dimensions of your personality with its larger than life, 80s inspired glamorous aesthetics. It’s your key to have fun with fashion, play with the opulence of heavy duty all gold look, induce power and strong sense of individuality with its bold, sculptural identity. Purposefully designed to take over your outfit and level it up to achieve a hard to miss, impactful look. Just what you want for the party season or your travels when you are in a mood to experiment with fashion and serve audacious looks. Chunky chandelier earrings, bolder than ever studs, statement necklaces, oversized cuff bracelet and textured rings have been handcrafted to perfection.

The Muse

We are inspired by the fearless, strong women who are out to explore the world and own it too!! Not for the faint-hearted but unapologetically bold, audacious women who have the resilience to achieve their dreams and pursue their goals irrespective of the limiting labels. The jewellery is an outlet for them to reflect these qualities through their dressing and revel in the possibilities of powerful fashion.

Key Features of the Collection

All Gold Tonal Jewellery: 22kt all gold tonal party jewellery with larger than life, bold, oversized and impactful aesthetics. The jewellery is versatile and very stylish.

2024 Jewellery Trend - Paper Thin: The key derivative inspiration is the 2023 trend of “Paper Thin” - thin metal sheets are used to create oversized, voluminous forms and yet keep things light.

Handcrafted with Love: Our skilled craftsmen translate our vision into a glamorous, wearable reality.

Party Jewellery: All gold tonal jewellery is designed to become the focal point of your outfit. Works beautifully with neutral, muted colours or bright jewel tones.

Perfect Travel Jewellery: Easy to carry, light weight jewelry that works as one step solution to lending instant glam to your travel outfits. All gold tonal look is versatile, impressive and will go with most of your outfits.

Lifetime Warranty on Gold Plating: We offer lifetime warranty on plating. Get your favourite jewel replated at any point without any extra charges. So you can wear your favourite jewel and dance away at the party or keep things stylish when traveling.

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Q: What is Zariin’s Audacious jewellery collection?

Ans - Audacious is a bold, oversized and larger than life, all gold tonal statement jewellery designed to become the focal point of your collection and instantly uplift your outfit to be party ready and befitting the red carpet moments of your life. 

Q: What is the trend in party jewellery in 2024?

Ans - The key derivative inspiration is the 2024 trend of “Paper Thin” - thin metal sheets are used to create oversized, voluminous forms and yet keep things light. Trendy crushed metal look lends dynamism with striking, ripple effect. We are taking notes form the 80s glamour and penchant for loud statement jewellery

Q: Why choose Zariin’s party jewellery?

Ans - Audacious jewellery is designed to get you party ready in an instant. Bold, impressive jewellery that is oversized and yet light weight as it has been crafted of paper thin metal. Just what you need for your red carpet, party moments or when you are in a mood to experiment with your looks during your travels. 

Q: The jewellery is really big. Is it very heavy to wear?

Ans - Audacious statement jewellery has been crafted of paper thin metal which enables the jewellery to be crafted in big voluminous forms yet keep it light and easy to wear. The pieces are not as heavy as they look. 

Q: Will the gold plating wear off? What if the jewellery becomes dull?

Ans - Gold plating eventually does wear off depending on the kind of use and exposure it has had. However, Zariin offers a lifetime warranty on the plating. You can wear your favourite gold plated jewels to your heart’s content and we will replace it for you at no charges at any point.

Q: Where can I wear the Audacious jewellery? How can you style the jewellery?

Ans - The all gold tonal jewellery can work with most outfits and looks lovely with jewel tones, prints or neutral, monochrome outfits. The party statement jewellery makes a perfect option for your red carpet moments, holiday parties, winter parties or when you are travelling. Light weight, statement, all gold tonal jewellery make great resort wear when you are in a mood to experiment and make a statement. 

Q: How do I care for my gold plated jewellery?

Ans - Wipe your jewellery after every use. Store it in a cloth pouch or the box provided. Avoid contact with water or perfumes when wearing the jewellery. For more information on caring for gold plated jewellery, please read through our blog - Ways to Protect your Gold Plated Jewellery

Q: What is the composition of the jewellery?

Ans - All our jewellery is crafted in brass and plated with 22kt gold. 

Q: Is COD available?

Ans - Yes COD services are available within India. Please insert your pinched to check if the service is available in your area. (Pincode inserting box to be made available)

Q: Do you offer warranty on the jewellery?

Ans - Even after taking all the care, if your Zariin jewels tarnish, you can always avail our warranty and send across your favourite Zariin jewels for re-plating, free of cost and no questions asked.

Q: Can the jewellery be exchanged or returned?

Ans - Zariin jewelry crafts and creates products lovingly with hand and each finished jewel goes through several rounds of QC before it reaches the customer. However, if there’s a problem with a product that you have received, you can refer to our returns and exchange policy for complete information.