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Crystal Harmony - Healing Crystals Stone Bracelets

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Transmute your energy with our healing crystal jewelry

Healing crystals are renowned for their transformative and regenerative energy. The day you wear a healing crystal jewelry piece, you start feeling the difference it is making in your life. Since they do not come with any negative effects, you can choose healing stones as per your needs. The healing crystals are considered by many people around the world to have a special quality that enhances different aspects of your life including finances, relationships, career, and health. You can reap these beneficial effects by simply wearing a piece of jewellery that has healing stones embedded in it.

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Our healing jewellery pieces are embedded with stones such as Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, and Blue Chalcedony. Each of them has its own healing properties and you have to choose one as per your need. Along with choosing the right healing stone for yourself, you also have to make up your mind about the type of jewellery you want. From healing bracelets to healing rings, and even healing necklaces, we have a wide variety of jewelry pieces of this genre for you to choose from. One of the most sought-after jewellery pieces is a healing crystal bracelets. Made with 100% pure brass, our gold-plated healing stone bracelets are available for both men and women. Some of the types of healing bracelets that you can find at our online store are mentioned herein below:

Rose Quartz Bracelet:

Do you want to invite a love relationship into your life? If so, you must choose a Rose Quartz bracelet. Rose Quartz is well-known as the stone of love. From healing you emotionally to improving your heart chakra, from bringing joy to your life to increasing the sense of self-love, the Rose Quartz bracelet benefits are many. Attract love if single and better understanding if you are in an existing relationship and make your life even more fulfilling with our Rose Quartz crystal bracelets. Let us shed some more light on the various benefits of Rose Quartz bracelets.

Colour: Pink

Rose Quartz bracelet benefits:

  • Encourages self-love
  • Stone of universal love
  • Emotional healing
  • Enhances romance
  • Boosts ability to receive and give love
  • Heart Chakra Joyfulness
  • Attract the right partner into your life

Who can wear a Rose Quartz bracelet?

Rose Quartz is a gem that is associated with the planet Venus. People born under the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra can get the most benefits from this gemstone. This stone helps in removing impurities from the body and improves heart health. Although this gemstone can be worn by anyone, it will benefit the most who need emotional healing or to resolve relationship issues. You can choose from any of our Rose Quartz bracelets and wear one at least for a month to start noticing changes in the dynamics of your relationship.

Amethyst Bracelet:

Amethyst helps in healing various physical and mental diseases and conditions such as the lungs and respiratory tract, insomnia, and anxiety. Therefore, if you or anyone you know have these kinds of ailments, you can get an Amethyst bracelet. Among many of the Amethyst bracelet benefits, some of the proven ones are better immunity, reduced pain and swelling, lessened stress, and many more. Good health plays a major role in bringing peace of mind. If you want the same, you must take a look at our Amethyst stone bracelets collection.

Colour: Violet, Purple, Dark Purple

Amethyst bracelet benefits:

  • Helps you to do away with addictions
  • Lessens anxiety as well as insomnia
  • Helps in releasing tension
  • Heals diseases related to the lungs and respiratory tract
  • Releases physical and emotional pain caused due to stress
  • Improves immune systems
  • Third Eye, Crown Chakra

Who can wear an Amethyst bracelet?

People who suffer from the evil effects of the planet Saturn can choose to wear an Amethyst bracelet. If you fall under any of the zodiac signs such as Aries, Cancer, Leo, or Scorpio, you can opt for an Amethyst bracelet. An Amethyst bracelet also helps in balancing high energy. Wear this for a month or so to experience more stability in your life.

Citrine Bracelet:

If you are finding it difficult to grow in your respective career, being successful at what you are doing, or to accumulate wealth, then you must give a try to Citrine bracelet. A Citrine crystal bracelet will also help in boosting optimism and confidence in you. If you are facing challenges pursuing your goals, a Citrine stone bracelet will help in making things easier for you. Our Citrine crystal bracelets come in various designs.

Colour: Pale Yellow to Brownish Orange

Citrine bracelet benefits:

  • Helps in accumulating wealth, success, and abundance
  • Finding better mental clarity
  • Improves optimism
  • Feeling more confident
  • Being more creative
  • Attracts happiness
  • Growth in career
  • Helps in following goals
  • Sacral Chakra

Who can wear a Citrine bracelet?

Those who are struggling with their career or want to attract wealth must choose a Citrine bracelet. If your zodiac sign is Sagittarius, you can wear Citrine as your birthstone. People of other zodiac signs who can also consider wearing original Citrine bracelets are Cancer, Aries, Leo, and Scorpio. Wearing a Citrine bracelet will also help you in improving your social status.

Blue Chalcedony:

Also called Agate, Blue Chalcedony is a member of the Quartz family. You can find beautiful bracelets at our online store embellished with Blue Chalcedony stone. If you have been feeling restless from within and losing peace your of mind, then a Blue Chalcedony bracelet is what you need. It will help you in healing your emotions and you will be surrounded by peace.

Colour: Blue, Light Blue, Grayish Blue, or Violet-Blue

Blue Chalcedony bracelet benefits:

  • Calming and soothing nature
  • Boosts confidence
  • Lessens fear, anger, and qualms
  • Helps in emotional healing
  • Helps with diseases related to throat and verbal expressions
  • Instills peace, hope, and positivity
  • Throat Chakra

Who can wear a Blue Chalcedony bracelet?

If you are a March born under the zodiac sign of Pisces or Aries, you can go for this blue crystal stone, Blue Chalcedony. However, it is not restricted to only these signs and can also be very well worn by people of other zodiac signs, who wish to attract peace in their life. As you wear this blue crystal bracelet, you will start feeling a sense of peace and calmness growing within. You will get the strength to deal with stress and anxiety. Wearing a Blue Chalcedony bracelet can also help you keep self-doubt at bay.

The crystal healing bracelets are available in various embedded designs that can heal you as well as help you to stay trendy. You can get a lifetime warranty on the gold plating of our healing bracelets; therefore, check out our collection today without worrying about the durability of these jewelry items.

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Q: What makes Zariin’s crystal healing bracelets special?

Ans - Zariin’s healing gemstones and crystals are genuine and are sourced responsibly. What makes them truly special is that unlike the usual healing jewellery, the healing crystals are set in a stylish 22kt gold plated link bracelet which looks very good. Zariin also offers a lifetime plating warranty so that you can wear your healing crystal bracelets to your heart’s content.

Q: What is crystal healing?

Ans - It is believed that crystals have an energetic field associated with them. The energetic field associated with each crystal is said to be stable and unique to it owing to their molecular structure. These energetic fields and vibrations impact the bioenergetic field of the humans resulting in a positive impact in their life. The crystals help you by guiding you towards any goals or desires that you may have when charged with the affirmations and manifestations associated with them by channelising their energies.

Q: Do the healing crystal bracelets actually work?

Ans - For the healing crystal bracelets to work, you have to believe in them. The bracelets work by enabling the energy flow of the gemstone through your body. Each gemstone has its unique energy field which interacts with the bioenergetic field of humans by channelising their own energy. The vibrations associated with the crystals are said to have an uplifting impact on your mood, health and mind in the same way as aromatherapy or essential oils. These  healing crystals on the bracelet can also absorb negative energies. When charged with affirmations, these act as guiding tools to work towards your goals. 

Q: Why should you charge or program the healing crystals?

Ans - Each healing bracelet comes with associated benefits depending on the characteristics of the gemstone. For the healing bracelet to work in your favour, these need to be tuned or programmed with affirmations, so that these are aligned with your desires and manifest the path for you.

Q: How do you charge the gemstones of the healing bracelet?

Ans - There are various ways to charge crystals. However, since the crystals are studded in a 22kt gold plated link bracelet, the best way to charge them is with associated affirmations.

Q: How to choose your bracelets or healing crystal?

Ans - Each healing crystal bracelet comes with an associated benefit - you can either choose the bracelet depending on the benefit you want to reap or by choosing the gemstone you are most attracted to.

Q: What are the benefits of wearing healing crystal bracelets?

Ans - The vibrations or energetic fields associated with each healing crystal may have an uplifting impact on your mood, health and mind. Each bracelet has a certain set of benefits associate with them. Rose Quartz bracelet for the matters of love, Citrine bracelet for success, Blue Chalcedony bracelet for peace and Amethyst bracelet for good health.

Q: Does the healing gemstone come in contact with your skin when worn?

Ans - It is believed for the energy flow to happen, the crystal needs to be in contact with the skin. Keeping this in mind, the healing bracelets have been designed in a way that the base of the gemstone touches your skin enabling the energy flow.

Q: Which crystal healing bracelet should I wear to attract love?

Ans - The crystal healing bracelet to attract love and for all the matters of the heart including self love is Rose Quartz healing bracelet. Adorn the bracelet to heal your heart and emotions.

Q: What are the benefits of Rose Quartz healing bracelet?

Ans - The benefits of the Rose Quartz healing bracelet are -
- Stone of universal love
- Attaracts unconditional love
- Romance
- Heals emotionally
- Increases ability to receive and give love
- Promotes self love
- Resonates with Heart Chakra
- Joy

Q: Which crystal healing bracelet should I wear for success at work?

Ans - The crystal healing bracelet to attract success at work, creativity and abundance is Citrine healing bracelet. Adorn the bracelet to do well at work and in your career.

Q: What are the benefits of Citrine healing bracelet?

Ans - The benefits of the Citrine healing bracelet are -
- Attaracts wealth, success and abundance
- Increases optimism
- Mental clarity
- Promotes creativity
- Joy and Happiness
- Confidence
- Helps in pursuing your goals
- Resonates with Sacral Chakra

Q: Which crystal healing bracelet should I wear for good health?

Ans - The crystal healing bracelet to manifest good health is the Amethyst healing bracelet. Adorn the bracelet to reap the benefits of health and peace of mind.

Q: What are the benefits of Amethyst healing bracelet?

Ans - The benefits of the Amethyst healing bracelet are -
- Sobriety stone
- Reduces anxiety and insomnia
- Heals diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract
- Releases you of addictions
- Strengthens immune systems
- Reduces pain, swelling and injuries
- Eases headaches and releases tension
- Relieves physical and emotional pain or stress
- Resonates with Third Eye, Crown Chakra

Q: Which crystal healing bracelet should I wear for peace and to remove anxiety?

Ans - The crystal healing bracelet for peace of mind, calmness and clarity is Blue Chalcedony healing bracelet. Adorn the bracelet calm your mind and for emotional healing.

Q: What are the benefits of the Blue Chalcedony healing bracelet?
The benefits of the Blue Chalcedony healing bracelet are -
- Calming and soothing nature
- Reduces fear, anger and self doubt
- Helps with throat ailments and verbal epxression
- Instills peace, hope and optimism
- Increases confidence
- Heals emotionally
- Resonates with Throat Chakra

Q: How do I care for my gold plated jewellery?

Ans - Wipe your jewellery after every use. Store it in a cloth pouch or the box provided. Avoid contact with water or perfumes when wearing the jewellery. For more information on caring for gold plated jewellery, please read through our blog - Ways to Protect your Gold Plated Jewellery

Q: What is the composition of the jewellery?

Ans - All our jewellery is crafted in brass and plated with 22kt gold.

Q: Is COD available?

Ans - Yes COD services are available within India. Please insert your pinched to check if the service is available in your area. (Pincode inserting box to be made available)

Q: Do you offer warranty on the jewellery?

Ans - Even after taking all the care, if your Zariin jewels tarnish, you can always avail our warranty and send across your favourite Zariin jewels for re-plating, free of cost and no questions asked.

Q: Can the jewellery be exchanged or returned?

Ans - Zariin Jewelry crafts and creates products lovingly with hand and each finished jewel goes through several rounds of QC before it reaches the customer. However, if there’s a problem with a product that you have received, you can refer to our returns and exchange policy for complete information.