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A straight from the heart collection by Zariin that captures the softness, classic and variable nature of love.It’s a beautiful collection of 22kt gold plated, heart shaped Pink Chalcedony jewellery intricately detailed with the Mughal era craft of Holdali. The combination of pink and gold is a match made in heaven and the sublime use of ancient Holdali craft lends richness and allure to the otherwise modern aesthetics of heart shaped jewellery. The stone of love, Pink Chalcedony radiates the perfect muted and cosy vibrations associated to Heart Chakra - just what you need to speak your love language. A collection of stud earrings, pendant, hoops and a ring you’ll feel and keep close to your heart…making the jewels the perfect expressions of love.

Key Features of Love Story Collection

Trending Heart Shaped Jewelry

Heart shaped jewellery has been trending since 2023 and going strong in 2024. The universal symbol of love gets a contemporary, modern makeover in the form of jewellery women would like to wear as opposed to considering it a cliched.

Pink Chalcedony

Associated with the Heart Chakra, Pink Chalcedony gemstone is also considered to be the stone of love and self love. It instills emotional balance, inner peace and stability. It’s a wonderful source of love, joy and healing.

Holdali Craft

The jewellery is detailed with the Mughal era crafting technique of Holdali. The intricate work uses wires, enamel and studded gemstones to achieve delicate surface detailing. It lends a traditional, rich touch to the otherwise modern pieces of jewelry.


The heart shaped Pink Chalcedony combined with the heritage craft of Holdali, make the jewellery a meaningful, expressive and wearable expression of love. It’s the perfect gifting option for Valentine’s Day, anniversary or just to express your feelings to the special women in your life.

Lifetime Warranty on Plating

Zariin offers a lifetime warranty on plating so your favourite jewels can be cherished by you for years to come and you can wear your pieces to your heart’s content without worrying about losing lustre.


The jewellery is designed in-house by our designers and handcrafted lovingly by our talented and gifted artisans.

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Q: Is heart shaped jewellery in trend?

Ans - Heart shaped jewelry has been trending big since 2023 and Zariin has crafted a contemporary, modern version of it that women actually want to wear. The jewelry designed with the universal symbol of love is stylish, meaningful and expressive.

Q: What are the benefits of Pink Chaldecony jewellery?

Ans - Pink Chalcedony is associated with Heart Chakra. It is a gemstone of love and self love. It can be used by anyone seeking emotional balance, inner peace and stability. It’s a wonderful source of love, joy and healing.

Q: What is Holdali?

Ans - Holdali is a heritage craft from the Mughal era in which intricately carved gemstones are dressed up with twisted gold wires and floral inlay work owing to tremendous craftsmanship. It is because of this craft that the jewellery from our Love Story collection is imparting a sophisticated and an antique touch.

Q: What is special about Zariin’s Love Story collection?

Ans - Zariin’s Love Story is a jewelry collection that is meaningful, expressive and emotes the perfect expression of love. It is a combination of heart shape jewelry, Pink Chalcedony and the heritage craft of Holdali which makes it the perfect combination of modern wearable pieces infused with traditional craft. That is what makes the collection so cherishable.

Q: What are the jewellery gifting options for Valentine’s Day?

Ans - Jewelry makes one of the most ideal gifting options for Valentine’s Day. Zariin’s Love Story is a great collection to consider as it is heart shape jewelry with Pink Chalcedony infused with the traditional craft of Holdali that lends a rich, heritage dimension to the jewelry. Each piece is extremely wearable and easy to style.

Q: Can I gift Love Story jewellery for anniversary

Ans - Love Story is the perfect expression of love making it is perfect gifting option for anniversary. It’s a collection of heart shaped jewelry crafted with Pink Chalcedony and uses heritage craft of Holdali to elevate each piece.

Q: How do I care for my gold plated jewellery?

Ans - Wipe your jewellery after every use. Store it in a cloth pouch or the box provided. Avoid contact with water or perfumes when wearing the jewellery. For more information on caring for gold plated jewellery, please read through our blog - Ways to Protect your Gold Plated Jewellery

Q: What is the composition of the jewellery?

Ans - All our jewellery is crafted in brass and plated with 22kt gold.

Q: Is COD available?

Ans - Yes COD services are available within India. Please insert your pinched to check if the service is available in your area. (Pincode inserting box to be made available)

Q: Do you offer warranty on the jewellery?

Ans - Even after taking all the care, if your Zariin jewels tarnish, you can always avail our warranty and send across your favourite Zariin jewels for re-plating, free of cost and no questions asked.

Q: Can the jewellery be exchanged or returned?

Ans - Zariin Jewelry crafts and creates products lovingly with hand and each finished jewel goes through several rounds of QC before it reaches the customer. However, if there’s a problem with a product that you have received, you can refer to our returns and exchange policy for complete information.