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Mehndi Jewellery for Women & Girls

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Mehndi jewellery perfect for a magnificent mehendi ceremony

The Mehendi ceremony has a special significance in the wedding rituals of the Indian subcontinent. With this beautiful ceremony, all the revelries of a wedding start. During this auspicious ceremony, mehendi or henna is applied on the bride’s hands and feet, and that’s when she is prepped for the new life that she is going to begin. Therefore, the ceremony is celebrated with much fervor. One of the most interesting things that you can observe during this ceremony, is the fabulous mehndi jewellery that the to-be bride wears. Commonly made of flowers and beads, the jewellery mehndi looks one of a kind. However, if you want to stand out on your mehendi day, you can also choose mehendi jewellery that is embellished with stones. Wearing a specially designed mehndi jewellery set will make your entire look stunning.

Behold our mehndi jewellery for the bride

As you explore the gorgeous collection of mehndi jewellery, you will come across various types of pieces. From necklaces to bangles, from earrings to rings, you can choose these according to your taste. The common element that you will find in all jewelry pieces at Zariin, is the rich and intricate designs. While some of them are influenced by Rajasthani jewelry, others are inspired by modern trends such as minimalism. Let us talk about a few of them before you make your choice of mehendi ornaments.

Necklaces for mehandi:

The collection of necklaces for mehandi at Zariin is spectacular. These are a combination of gold-plating necklaces embellished with pearl beads and green and champagne Cz. However, the designs vary from each other. From chokers to short necklaces, from link necklaces to pendant necklaces and collar necklaces, you can come across various types of necklaces at our online store that suit the occasion.

Earrings for mehandi:

Whether you want to wear heavy earrings or simple studs, you will get it all at Zariin. You can choose a pair of earrings that match well with the shape of your face and the color of your outfit. To stand out and express your fashion sense well, you can even add statement earrings to your mehendi jewellery set.

Bangles and bracelets for mehandi:

Whether it is mehandi, haldi, or the actual wedding day, you will find Indian brides wearing beautiful bangles or bracelets on their hands.  Bangles or bracelets elevate the overall style and enhance the appeal of the bridal look. The bangles or bracelets at Zariin are made of brass and embedded with green onyx, and white stone, or have a red enamel finish, which is perfect for the bride-to-be.

Rings for mehandi:

When you are deciding the mehendi jewellery for the bride-to-be, you must not miss out on the rings. The rings wrap around your fingers and make your hands look dazzling. Just like all the other mehndi jewellery at our online store, you can find green Cz and pearl beads used in our collection of rings as well, which can be paired with the other jewellery having similar color combinations.

By choosing any of our mehndi jewelry sets, you can be the confident and prettiest bride to be. The stunning sheen of the jewelry pieces comes from the 22kt gold plating. As you buy the jewelry pieces from us, you will get a lifetime warranty on the gold plating. So, the best thing you can do is to check out our striking collection of mehndi jewellery and make your bridal look outstanding.

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Q: What are the various types of mehndi jewellery?

Ans - The several types of mehndi jewellery that brides-to-be prefer wearing are necklaces, earrings, bangles, rings, anklets, and waist belts.

Q: What are mehndi jewellery pieces at Zariin made up of?

Ans - The mehndi jewellery pieces you come across at Zariin are made of 100% pure brass. However, they are further dipped in 22kt gold plating.

Q: How many days would it take for my online order to reach me?

Ans - If you are a domestic customer, the order will reach you in 3 days. If you are ordering the jewelry pieces from some other country, it will take 7 days to reach you.