Chandbali Earrings, Charming Memoirs of a Bygone Era

Chandbali Earrings, Charming Memoirs of a Bygone Era

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Indian women’s love for chandbali earrings has existed since they were first introduced centuries ago, and it shows no signs of fading. These attractive crescent-shaped earrings are often worn by women at weddings and other festivities in the country. Well, if you are also enamored by charming chand bali earrings and wish to wear them for up any coming events or festivities, then the first thing to consider is your face shape. The chand bali design is apt for women with a heart-shaped face, characterized by a narrow chin, and a wide forehead.

The history of chandbalis

Also called ‘moon earrings’, some say chandbalis were introduced to the Indian populace during the Mughal era. However, others differ as they mention that chandbalis were designed in the 19th century in Rajasthan, and have their origin in India itself. The chand baliyan earrings were mostly adorned by the royal ladies; the popularity of this design grew among the women folk in the Nizam family in Hyderabad. Many claim that the Nizam ladies popularized this design in the subcontinent.

Choosing the right chandbali earrings

While there is no dearth of chandbali earrings in the market, finding unique ones that catch your attention can often be challenging. Even the various chand bali gold designs might not suit all faces and go on all occasions. Well, to relieve the confusion, we are here to talk about the various types of chand bali earrings that you can team up with your outfit. 

Simple chandbalis for a minimalist look

minimal chand balis

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If it is a daytime event and you cannot think of anything other than chandbalis, then a pair of minimalist chandbali designs will be the right choice for you. The chaand phool motifs, freshwater pearls, and mirror polkis make these pairs of chandbali earrings apt for day hours. These earrings look their best with white outfits; however, any solid-colored attire can also be made more appealing when paired with them. They are also a great match for all pastel-coloured outfits, as the earrings have a lighter colour.

Chandbalis with enamel finish

enamel chand balis

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If you are not afraid to flaunt your style, yet want something that is not too blingy, you can pick chandbali earrings that come with an enamel finish. Since these earrings are noticeably big, you can even skip wearing your necklace. Very light or nude makeup will look best with these chandbali earrings.

Chandabalis with intricate design

intricately designed chand balis

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Are you a lover of intricate chandbali earring designs? You can choose a pair of chand balis that come with a filigree design. You can also choose jali-inspired motifs that also have meenakari and are embellished with pearl beads. These chandbalis are smaller in size making them perfect for ladies with shorter neck lengths and ears. 

Chandbalis perfect for weddings

chand balis for weddings

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Whether it is your wedding or someone else’s that you are going to attend, you need not miss out on wearing those beautiful chandbali earrings. The best thing about pairing chand baliyan earrings is that you would not need to wear a lot of other jewelry pieces such as necklaces. You can choose a pair of chandbali earrings that are embedded with precious stones, and pearls, and are dipped in 22kt gold plating. If you plan to wear them through the wedding, go for chandbalis which are medium-sized. Big and chunky earrings may get bothersome and the small ones may not go well with the occasion. 

Chandbalis to wear every day

everyday chand balis

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Did you know that you can wear chandbalis every day? Yes, you read that right! The everyday chandbalis are so light in weight that you will not even feel that you are wearing such a gorgeous pair of earrings and yet look stunning. These earrings not only come with small pearl beads but also stones ornamented on them. You can also choose the stones as per your zodiac sign.

Apart from the designs, you must also consider the size of your chandbali earrings since it makes a big difference. Another factor to consider while buying chand bali earrings is your skin tone. Women with cold skin tones can opt for these earrings with a lot of pearl beads in them, and for warm skin tones, the best chandbalis are the ones that are crafted in gold. If you want your earrings to be durable while having an immaculate sheen, you can choose the ones made of brass and dipped in 22kt gold plating as seen on Zariin website.

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