Mangalsutra Bracelet: A Symbol of Love and Tradition

Mangalsutra Bracelet: A Symbol of Love and Tradition

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Engraved in the annals of history and tradition of the Indian subcontinent, a piece of jewelry that shines bright is Mangalsutra. It’s a sacred piece of jewelry that is typically worn by married women and symbolizes the bond of love and commitment between a husband and his wife. Talking about the traditional mangalsutra, it is essentially a gold chain or a necklace made of some other metal, embellished with black beads. You can even find pendants in mangalsutra with intricate designs giving it more aesthetic appeal. Of late, the concept of mangalsutra bracelet came up, giving it a modern twist.

The hand mangalsutras or mangalsutra bracelets were first worn by Indian celebrities. Eventually, it became popular even among the common women. The hand mangalsutra designs are exceptional and well worth wearing. The best part about this jewelry piece is that it can be teamed up with almost all types of outfits, from traditional to Western. In this blog today, let us shed some light on the importance of mangalsutra and also try to learn about the mangalsutra bracelet designs.

The significance of the mangalsutra

‘Mangalsutra’, as a word was derived from two separate Sanskrit words. While ‘mangal’ means prosperous, ‘sutra’ means thread. A thread that symbolizes the sacred union of a marriage between a man and a woman, bringing prosperity to the household. Black beads are embellished in the necklace of a mangalsutra to keep evil eyes and negative energy away. The mangalsutra is not just another piece of jewelry but a representation of commitment and love between couples and is supposed to be worn at all times. The designs of mangalsutra necklaces usually vary and come in a wide variety.

Emergence of mangalsutra bracelet

In recent times, we have seen many women wearing mangalsutra bangles or bracelets. A mangalsutra bracelet can be called the modern way of wearing a mangalsutra. It can be used as a jewelry piece that is a combination of traditional and modern ideas. With the changing trends, mangalsutra bracelets have become even more popular. These bracelets are very light and easy to wear. You can also wear them to a party and they will still add to your fashion.

Why mangalsutra bracelets have become so popular?

Wearing a mangalsutra bracelet in gold with black beads has surely gained popularity. You can very easily find them and wear them on an everyday basis. Let us here discuss a bit about why these bracelets have become such a hit among Indian women.

Versatility: The traditional mangalsutra necklaces can be safely worn with any ethnic attire. However, they may not look great on Western wear always. This is where a mangalsutra bracelet catches all the attention. You can wear one such bracelet with all types of outfits without a second thought.

Comfort: Bracelets are often more comfortable to wear than necklaces. Therefore, it is a practical choice for women who lead an active life.

Modern aesthetics: Almost all mangalsutra bracelet designs come with modern designs; thus, they blend well with the modern aesthetic. This makes it appealing to women who want to flaunt their marital status and yet follow the trend.

Personalization: You can choose from a wide array of hand mangalsutra designs, materials, and lengths that go well with your individual style, allowing for a more personalized and unique piece of jewelry.

Symbolism: The hand mangalsutra bracelet maintains the essence and symbolism of the traditional mangalsutra, symbolizing love, commitment, and the sacred bond of marriage.

Choosing a mangalsutra bracelet

When you decide to go for a mangalsutra bracelet, there are some factors that you can keep in mind. These factors will help you to buy the right hand mangalsutra.

Design: You must explore many designs before you finalize a mangalsutra bracelet. The designs may include traditional as well as modern elements. You should look for a mangalsutra bracelet that resonates with your preference and encompasses your personality.

Materials: You should choose the metal carefully and it should be followed by picking the apt gemstones. It is better if you go for gold. In case, you are not comfortable with gold, you can go for brass dipped in 22kt gold plating.

Length: Considering the length of the bracelet is quite an important step. It will help you in ensuring it fits comfortably on your wrist. If you can find an adjustable design, it will even be a better idea. 

Maintenance: When you choose a mangalsutra bracelet, you must acquire all the required information regarding the maintenance of the material you are choosing. 

Some types of mangalsutra bracelets

Finding the right mangalsutra is not usually a problem. However, if you want to choose only the most unique one, then you must take a look at Zariin’s online store. Let us sneak a peek at some examples.

Mangalsutra bracelet

zariin mangal sutra bracelet

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It is a modern update of the classic mangalsutra. You can certainly wear it like a regular bracelet and even can pair it with other accessories. The bracelet is embellished with cubic zirconia and black Onyx. 

Mangalsutra gift box

zariin mangal sutra gift box

Shop the Mangal Sutra Necklace and Bracelet Set

A mangalsutra gift box is an apt piece if you want to give something to a newlywed or married woman. It is even a great anniversary gift choice. Both the mangalsutra necklace and bracelet have the same design and can be worn together or separately. This set can be worn regularly without any hassles.

Apart from these two, you can also look for more designs of mangalsutra bracelets. As you buy these from Zariin’s online store, you can rest assured of the durability and sheen of the material, as they are made of 22kt gold plated brass. If you ever find the shine wearing off, you can contact Zariin as you will get a lifetime warranty on the gold plating of your mangalsutra bracelet.

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